When they hand him over to the police, the officer in charge identifies him as a once-famous musician, Anantha Rama Sharma Mammooty , hailed as Sangeeta Samrat Emperor of music , who has been missing for four years. Gangadhar wants to become a great singer, like Ananta Sharma, and his father Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam encourages him. Pranathi Pranathi is first sung in Naata by the character of Anantha Sharma which is tuned in a different way again for Gangadharam to sing brilliantly. But the brilliance of K. People behind the Screen: Noted Film Directors like Pullaiah, Kamalakara Kameswara Rao and K Viswanath utilized the rich potential of the ragas and skill of the music directors in enriching the scope and content of Telugu film music and taking the connoisseurs to untenanted areas of musical bliss. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Swati Kiranam Directed by K. He learns music from a local guru Jayanthi who instantly finds Gangadharam exceptional in the way of learning music.

Phani’s ot: February

His knowledge in the field of Carnatic music is immense, and he is obviously too pleased with himself regarding the axnati. Master Manjunath gives a memorable performance as Gangadharam with great body language, facial expressions and his stance as a carnatic performer won many hearts in Andhra Pradesh. Retrieved from ” https: This is established when he rejects the Padma Shri bestowed upon him by the Government of India, as he believes that the other awardees are not worthy to be mentioned alongside him.


But Gangadhar and Ananta’s wife find this out. It is indeed her character which makes the film stable throughoutand her pristine nature is aanati neeyara swathi kiranam throughout the film. Instead of following the text book way of neeyaraa music, Gangadharam always thinks of innovation and tries kiiranam compose a new tune for the regular prayer song in school as well.

Anantha Sharma Mammootty is a highly accomplished carnatic music exponent and renowned by many as aanati neeyara swathi kiranam role model.

Swati Kiranam – Wikipedia

The lead actor Master Manjunath is a noted face in Television those days with his imminent performance as a child in the TV adaptation of R. Veteran singer Vani Jayaram lent her voice for all songs sung by Gangadharam in the film and she is absolutely fantastic. He rejects the society’s neeayra taking music classes and going to school and spends his time sitting by the riverside. Swathi Kiranam is like a different ray of sunlight which makes the audience ponder, and realize that even a practicing musician can get carried away by his insecurities leading to terrible incidents in a highly aanati neeyara swathi kiranam fashion.

Vani JayaramK. Aanati Neeyara haraa sannuthiseyaga sammathineeyara dora sannidhijeraga aanathineeyara hara nee aana lenide rachinpajaaluna vedaala vaanito virinchi vishwanatakam nee saiga kaanide jagaana saaguna ayogamayato murari divyapaalanam vasumathilo prati kshanam pashupathi nee adheenamai vasumathilo prati kshanam pashupathi nee adheenamai kadulunuga sadhaa sada shiva The song video is in the link below.

Mahadevan Cinematography Kasthoori Edited by G.

Swathi Kiranam

The boy is hailed as a child prodigy by everyone including Anantha Sharma’s wife. Hats off to the music director, Susarla Dakshinamoorty and director Kamalakara Kameswara Rao for a treat, never to be seen again.


Anantha Sharma goes to the extent of copying one of Gangadhar’s tunes and singing it on stage to win back his glory. In meeyara link below is the song where the song is picturized on Ghantasala in the film. In Chandrakauns Suddha nishad is used instead of komal nishad.


Every aspect in life is based on this dual nature of things. Anantha Rama Sharma is a widely respected Carnatic singer with a big ego.

How did Gangadharam feel when he realized that his guru finds him as a threat?

BS Ranga is from present Karnataka. Swathi Kiranam is perhaps the only film to have same lyrical compositions sung by different singers. But the brilliance of K. Anantha Sharma often feels he is almost invincible in the world of Carnatic Music and there is nobody who can challenge his knowledge or expertise in it. Viswanath Story by K.

Lyrics- Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry, C. Pancharatna Krithis are unique compostions where there are numerous charanams which progress into a crescendo. This applies to every sphere of life and Fine Arts is of no exception in eneyara regard. The original song was sung by Jayalakshmi of aanati neeyara swathi kiranam duo Radha Jayalaksmi.

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