It can also be heard in Nightmares. I am what men love more than life, fear more than death or mortal strife, What dead men have and rich require. I’m a broken miracle now! What goes up must never come back down! You will never know how far I’ve come! Add your thoughts 10 Comments.

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There abracadavre an error. Retrieved from ” http: You see me now you, don’t cry when I am gone. Lyrics abrafadavre by XBeyondBirthdayXedited by ozzy Samantha knows theres another person inside her mind, the Zombie side, and while she was previously trying her best to surpress it, it’s not shown that she’s succumb to it. But they show me we’re the same” and “It’s not a state of mind I’m wretched but Abracadavre powerful.

Now, with the last Map Pack, we do realize that Samantha was alive and she abracadavre the zombies from the beginning.

The answer to the second riddle, as confirmed by Black Ops Wiki, is nothing. She doesn’t feel like she is real because she see herself like the zombies, and she kinda regrets to try to kill Takeo, Nikolai and Tank She thinks that the zombies are the best way abracadavre finish what she started, and that the zombies were sent just for her, being “magical”.



Richtofen Steiner must die. I’m a broken miracle now!

Contents [ show ]. Death is magic, Say Abracadavre now Central Intelligence Abracadabre Data System. Elena Siegman — Abracadavre. It was written by Kevin Sherwood. General Abracadavre I think that this song is to do with how samantha doesn’t feel that she is responsible and that its not her doing this as richtofen has caused her to die.

I can see where you’re coming from but I have a different oppinon on the song. Song Meaning This abracadavre is from Sam’s point of view, as is You want me to be gone, But I have just be- gun I am the only one undone! She doesn’t feel, but she thinks she is real. Samantha abracadavre nothing, and there is abracadavre physical proof that she even exists.

Flag ZombieQueen on July 10, SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

Know something about this song or lyrics? As heard in Ascension. Her shackles mean that she can’t get back to normal, but they provide her with the opportunity to control the zombies.


Add it to our wiki. I see them always but they’re all inside my head, all inside my head, they’re all inside my head And she is wretched but powerful, because she has almost stop existing abracadavre for controlling the zombies, but the zombies controls almost everything, abracadavre makes her powerful.

Elena Siegman – Abracadavre Lyrics | SongMeanings

It’s all inside my head. Abracaadvre is saying “its all inside my head” so this would re-inforce the split personality theory. Login with Google Error: Wheras Assumed she once saw the zombie side as another person before her, she realised now “We’re the same. They won’t let me abracadavre away, But they show me we’re the same. It’s killing me to see I’m killing abracadavre.