Alternatively, with the pointer positioned in the selected area, click the right mouse button and select the Fill option from the pop-up menu that appears. If the Authorization Code you entered is valid, a Confirmation Code will appear, and the Cancel button will change to a Finish button. Export via Integrator Create a. It is thorough and all encompassing Cons: The instant availability of price updates and assembly changes is also a huge help. Program makers did too much overthinking.

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If the value of a cell depends on the information you select or enter on a dialog, then a dialog icon will appear in the cell when its row is selected.

Accubid Electrical Estimating Software – Reviews

The other screens are the same as Accubid 12 Prk The following sections are detailed: Equipment Job screen only Takes you to the Equipment screen, where you can record equipment costs. I’m so busy doing estimates, I don’t have a half a day 3 times a week to just sit and “test drive” it. In this session you will learn to perform takeoff using some takeoff modes. The database folders listed here are only considered database folders if the check box beside the database is checked. If you chose accuibd to install a material database, or if the estimating program is unable to 19 Using the License Administrator find a material database in any of the specified database folders, the following warning appears.


Great experience, useful tool. It can do alot but it isn’t the easiest to navigate. There is just sizing shown – Nothing indicating to Change the Colour of the lamp. To update your licenses from an. Inquire about cost to purchase the basic ones right away this will get you off your feet much faster. For more information on these options, see the online help.

All the accubid pro 11 associated with this job except accubid pro 11 appears as initial values for any new jobs you create. This software has great potential, but in my opinion is still a work in progress. The Desktop Shortcuts screen appears.

Trimble Accubid Classic

For more information about this screen, see page 9. Not Likely Extremely Likely. When entering values directly, you can enter them one at a time or fill multiple cells with the same value.

Similarly, only jobs stored in folders designated as job accubid pro 11 will be listed on the Schedule screen. It did have some good features. The top pro is the ease of operation while using this software. Quentin from electrical contractor.

Modify Makeup Defaults Set the default values for system-specific measurement variables that may appear on the Measure Takeoff dialog when you are using a hot list. I am a DB Manager accubid pro 11 very experienced formula writer.


Great tool for full time or “most of the time” estimators. I can tailor the user experience to the specific needs of my colleagues.

The Design and Ease of use with the database and the customization ability of assemblies and takeoff pads makes doing takeoffs a breeze. I feel it is built more for the industrial contractor that enters items one item at a time. If the entire contents of a window are already displayed on the screen, the scroll bars may be absent or dimmed to indicate they are not required.

If the Authorization Code you entered is valid, a Confirmation Code will appear, and the Accubid pro 11 button will change to a Finish button.

Accubid Enterprise

Single click a menu name to view its pull-down menu, then click an option to select it. Instantly calculate each takeoff as it occurs, jumping from audit trail to extended bill of materials. While the sorting is in effect, the Accubid pro 11, Cut, accubif Paste options will not be available from the pop-up menus for individual rows.