Yes, fonts should be installed in the system and spelled correctly in the config file. You are the man, Pavel! Bottom line what looks beautiful to me may look horrific and offensive to you so please take my mods with a grain of scotch. So before reporting any text alignment problem, please run it with default fonts. Russian type of fonts in action Of the ones I’ve tried, only one works, besides the default.

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Web To use this font on your website, use the following CSS: Early German font? Learn more about language support. Gotta run and get some food Panzer Corps 2 – Christmas special!


Here are the subtle results of that config I like the default but this suits me a bit better: Add adobe heiti std r normal Web Project. Trey, you should say: Hi could you please tell me which font line I need to adjsust to fix the issue of overlapping text fields detailed here.

Or was the patch supposed to create it? Desktop In application font menus, this font will display: Chains of War – – – – Command: You may encounter slight variations in the name of this heti, depending on where you use it. Learn more about language geiti Learn more about OpenType features.


Download: Adobe Heiti Std R – Font Download – The World’s Biggest Font Site

Alan, You would be correct, you would need to have the same fonts installed on your system. I thought you just meant the dat folder but when I open that I see lots of dat files wrac. Pavel, is wingdings font supported? Awesome feature, I’m a bit of a typeface totalitarian since I do some web design.

What do they have all those ships for, if not to hurl them at the enemy? I do get load errors with a lot of these settings.

adobe heiti std-r-normal () – Abstract Fonts

Could someone point to what each font refers to? World War II formerly Battlefields! Okay been spending a fair amount of time wife has been sick and sleeping so that means since seven am experimenting with the fonts and I came up with this as a master file, some screen shots will follow in another post if interested.

It must be something with the fonts not being installed on my system. North Wales, UK Status: Learn adobe heiti std r normal about OpenType features. Meanwhile you can copy one attached.


Emir, due to the way how the color coding is done hditi could be much more difficult task to customize colors. It is done by placing a WiteFontConfig.

See our Licensing Details. Upload a photo to scan for similar type. The format is quite simple.


Just one more dumb question I’ve loaded the patch and the fonts are larger and more readable in the tables, etcbut I would like to tinker with it to eliminate the overlapping that appears as someone above statedbut have no idea how to do it. Also, I am running Windows normaal and the default fonts should work on my W7 systems, however as I pointed out DPI and other hardware things may make things look wonky.

Yes, I’m drinking Gluntwein right now.