I’m sad to say that I’m moving on, probably to nova.. Widgets for your homescreen. And better than any launcher i have tried. And themes are highly problematic, requiring much tweaking. Why didnt i use your launcher earlier? Customization is good and runs smoothly, but it looks like it’s still on android 4.

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There wasn’t, then there was, and currently there isn’t again.

Allowing the transparent action and notification bar would be nice for 4. This is still the best I’ve tried every launcher out there. At least it was made by very good developers since it still works fine for me. You can create your own shortcuts, and organizing folders and dock, as well as to use an applications menu style on iPhone. It is a shame as I have been adw launcher ex apk paid app owner for at least three years.

Great app; just can’t say enough I used to use GoLauncher and this is miles better. Great for those looking for a Nova launcher but have a incompatible phone.


ADWLauncher – ADW Launcher

Please fix this issue I’ve used this launcher for a very long time and love it, I’d hate to have to get rid of it. Quirky font and widget issues aside, this new update is great. So, if you remove something from the desktop, you uninstall the app – adw launcher ex apk. The only thing I think it’s missing and has always been lacking Launcher EX account launccher lots of customization options. Not full of extra flips and ruffles like Go Launcher.

There are some great ones, and this is one of them. You need this app.

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Even on any aosp Rom Luncher ran it thru. I dont like it bcos the 1st time i wanted to donlod this i was doubt it but i did and sadly there’s no refund option. The message app did not work on home screen when i press it.

You can see everyone trying new ideas, but their execution is poor. Launcher fan Sad, I had to uninstall.

Easy to customize on my Galaxy S Captivate running froyo. Dec 2, Get it on: Marshas Micromax A Bolt. ADW Launcher is the fastest, most flexible, most reliable, most dependable launcher there is.


My daily budget APK. Category personalization Latest Version 1. Multiple emails sent over a month ago with no response from dev. You can see which ones are copies of this great app launxher you can see they gave up adding new features a long time ago.

Of them, I like ADW best. So i need to delete the icon then put it back on to make it works. Widgets for your homescreen.


Incredible transitions and customization! And better than any launcher i have tried. Use it on old phones or new. Unstable at times It is unstable at launhcer but I think it may have to do with my carrier.