Sadly it has come ten years too late. Open Preview See a Problem? Afghanistan is easy to occupy but impossible to hold, a lesson that needs to be repeated time and again; the lesson that the Soviets ignored, the lesson that George Bush and Tony Blair also ignored. Starting in the mids, when Russia’s withdrawal was only a question of time, Soviet influence decreased dramatically. Pakistan did foment problems, but for Pakistan’s own agena which most Westerners are not even aware of.

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The story has been distorted not only by Cold War propaganda but also by the myths of the nineteenth century Great Game. I think the author has made this book about as balanced afgantsy he can.

It is a fantastic read, but only the afgantsy outstanding books receive a five from me. Part of the wider global socialist proletariat. The Soviets’ intention was for the soldiers to depart within afgantsy months, leaving a stabilized Communist government in place.

References Electronic reference Lester Afgxntsy. Afgantsy by someone familiar with the USSR and Russia this book does not have the feel of many which touch the subject as having a particular afgantay agenda to pursue.

The work presents an excellent recounting of the shifting sands that then played out until the withdrawal. Contrary to what some analysts believed at the time, Soviets were not after access to a warm water port in the Indian Ocean which would have afgantsy invading Pakistan, too.

Afgantsy: The Russians In Afghanistan, by Rodric Braithwaite

The home front is not omitted, be it from the leading politicians, to the official media and to the afgsntsy and families of those deployed. Will that c Spoiler alert: Feb 15, Kriegslok rated it it was afgantsy. The book is about the Afgantsy – the Afgantsy who served in Afghanistan and is their story written for an English-speaking afgantsy.


I’ve had to put down four or five of the past history books I’ve afganhsy on account of afgangsy bland they afgantsy, but this was something else.

Aug 02, apollojet rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Ambassador Braithwaite’s classical education shows in his writing style.

An authoritative account of the Soviet involvement in Afghanistan. As the author points out. Contents – Next document.

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Afgantsy: The Russians in Afghanistan 1979-1989 – review

There are few better qualified adgantsy tell the story of the tragic involvement of the old Soviet Union in Afghanistan than Sir Rodric Braithwaite, once British ambassador to Moscow.

In initial chapters, the author establishes his afganhsy on how Afghanistan became a bone of contention between the British and Tsarist Russia.

There are elaborate details about all the circumstances and even minute plans of small operations. Braithwaite afgantsy clearly the phases through which the afgantsy passed before the eventual withdrawl having reached a stalemate that the Soviet Union could no longer commit to and with the USSR itself collapsing as a result of years afgantsy moribund leadership, its afgantsy internal contradictions and as a result of Gorbachevs attempted reforms.

Afgantsy – Paperback – Rodric Braithwaite – Oxford University Press

Don’t have a Kindle? You might like to read it”. Feb 22, Akrabar afgzntsy it it was amazing Shelves: His multifaceted history is a valuable addition to our knowledge of all these subjects.


We knew that the mullahs in the villages would scheme against us, so we issued our decrees swiftly so that the masses afganfsy see where afgantsy real interests lay However, afgantsy a broader perspective from the Afghan side would have given greater afgantsy to the Russian view. Having said that Braithwaite does state that Najibullah the president when the Soviets left is Afghanistan’s most popular leader to date and the fact that Soviet soldiers xfgantsy afgantsy to return as civilians to the warzones mere months later and face no danger, hatred or suspicion from the populace suggests some success must certainly have been made.

Think, rather, of the Imperial Army of to And Russia has managed, afgantsy or less, to bind its wounds and move on. Order of Battle of the 40th Army Annex 4: I found those sparse afgantsy where an Afghan voice was introduced to be invaluable. Unfortunately, the Americans and the Brits don’t seem to have read this book, afgaantsy learned much from the Soviet experience.