Nasira uses her captives to manipulate Aladdin into doing the relic collecting for her. The surroundings were also done well. As you search for the hidden treasures, you collect money much like Mario Brothers or Sonic. The texture variety, clarity, and detail are impressive, but they tend to jiggle around on the polygons, making the visuals seem like they have a nervous disorder. This is not a quick game, nor is it terribly difficult. Overview The camera slowly pans in on an island surrounded by fire.

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You are on a collision course with the evil Nasira herself, do you think you are tough enough for the job? He’s got to dart through the marketplace of Agrabah; break his way through the Palace; escape imprisonment in the dungeon; journey through an oasis; survive the fiery Cave of Wonders; rescue Jasmine from booby ppc in the Pyramids; save Aladdin is about to face his biggest adventure yet.

Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge PC, PS1 –

Fall of Man Einhander. The sluggish camera compounds problems further, making navigating simple areas a chore at times. Argonaut Games Genre s: Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge never had the distinction of appearing in theaters, but that hasn’t stopped Disney Interactive from basing gake entire 3D platformer on it. There was one confusing thing about the camera view: The draw-in distance barely reaches 30 virtual feet, and the pop-up is masked nasieas dense black fog.


Aladdin In Nasira’s Revenge

Finding the necessary items is not as big a task as I thought it would be, although some of the items are pretty well hidden.

Helping him out in this 3D adventure are playable characters Jasmine, lago, Apu and, of course, that wisecrackin’ Genie. Thankfully, there’s a handful of boss fights and minigames to play–they help break up the platforming elements. Jasmine hides in a huge vase and stealthily navigates the level Solid Snake style.

As you search for the hidden treasures, you collect money much like Mario Brothers or Sonic. ActionAladdin nasiras revenge pc gamePlatformer3D Cheats: From Donald Duck to Mickey Mouse to Tarzan, Disney’s characters have been gracing the pixelated world of video games for years now.

So to correct it, you can spin the camera around using R-1 or R-2 so that the camera is again to the back of your character. In a plot to bring Jafar back from the depths, Nasira has taken over Agrabah.

Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge

Disney Interactive Studios Release Date: Not a big deal once you figure out the revnege of it. Another aspect of Nasira’s Revenge that will not appeal to younger players is the lack of story development.

Nasira kicks off her vengeful plot by hypnotizing the palace guards and kidnapping Princess Jasmine and the Sultan. You will have the option to play the game using the regular D pad or the analog control. Run through the streets of Agrabah, battle through the Cave of Wonders, and roam through the Palace and its dungeons.


Abu lacks any offensive attacks but may double-jump off walls to reach high areas. There are also bosses to contend with later in the game. No score yet – based on 0 Critics Awaiting 4 more reviews What’s this? The challenges became increasingly difficult as I progressed. Unknowingly, Aladdin takes up the task of rescuing Jasmine and the Sultan.

The sounds were well done and the game features voices from the television series to add continuity. The Witcher Card Game. Overview The camera slowly pans in on an island surrounded by fire.

The emotional expression achieved by the character animation looks like it could be aladdin nasiras revenge pc game product of one of Disney’s artists. As you run through the worlds, you are tasked with finding jewels, coins, etc. Enter our hero, Aladdin and his crazy friend Genie. Glitches include falling through platforms into a digital abyss, as well as textures that sometimes fail to appear, leaving blank white spots in their place.