It will be written on his forehead that he is free from the Fire of Jahannum. His status is eleated by 5 times. Means all give mercy to his messenger Muhammad. I’sa will come in the capacity of his ambassador , the intercessor of Sinners, Mercy indeed for all the domains of existence, comfort for the lovers and the desired object for the yearning souls, the sun of the gnostics, and the shining lamp for those who travel on the road leading to Allah, the lover of the poor and needy, the leader of the Jinns and all mankind, Prophet of the twin sacred centres Makkah and Madinah , leader of the two exalted positions Qiblas, the Kaaba of Mecca and of Jerusalem , our Supporter in both the worlds, honoured with Kaaba Kausaine, the beloved of the two east and the west, the grand father of Hazrat Hassan and Hussain, our Patron and the patron of the Jinns and mankind, father of Hazrat Qassim his son Muhammad, son of Abdullah, who is the light of Allah’s Light. Anyone who wants to meet his Allah must recite maximum number of Daruud Shareef. If the Swaab of the Daruud Shareef is dedicated to some other person, then that person will receive the Swaab of Daruud, but the Sawaab of the reciter will not be lessened. If a Daruud is written in a book by some person, the Angels of The Allah shower blessings on him untill the Daruud remains in that book.

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The following benefits are derived from reciting Durood-e- Radawiyya: Allaahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala aali Muhammad O Allaah!

Even the small kids in my family no wat it means. This Salawat is usually recited in the graveyard while paying homage to the deceased.

The buma selected favours on the Spirit of Muhammad amongst all persons, on the name of Muhammad amongst all names, on the heart of Muhammad amongst all hearts. Will enemies of Muhammad saww wa Ale-Muhammad as enter Jannah?


May Allah shower His blessings on Muhammad the best of all that and on the successor of Muhammad, on the Companions of Muhammad, on the friends of Muhammad, and on all his family members, O!

Allahumma salli ala sayyidina va moula na muhammadin Sadqa Nabi di aal da, bakhshay Khuda shifa Mango dua’wan meray jay bimar wastaay.

Allah Huma Sale Ala Sayyidina Wa Maulana Muhammadin- скачивай и слушай mp3 бесплатно

His status is eleated by 5 times. Allaahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala aali Muhammad kama sallaita ‘ala Ibraaheem wa ‘ala aali Ibraaheem innaka Hameedun Majeed, wabaarik ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala aali Muhamaad kama baarakta ‘ala Ibraaheem wa ‘ala aali Ibraaheem innaka Hameedun Majeed.

Allahumma salli ala seyidina wa mulana muhammadin Dil yaad liye banaya ae, tareef laye zubaan Akhiyan banaiyan sohnay day deedar vaaste. Praise Muhammad, and on the family of Muhammad For the full thing: Are you sure you want to delete this answer? You should recite Daruud, whenever you hear the call of prayers Azaaan.

Three persons will be under the shade and the favour of The Allah on the Day of judgment.

Guzray Niyazi zindagi sohnay day ishq which Naatan main parhda rahwan mithal eale westay. Fall your muhsmmadin and rest on Muhammad, our Master, and on his Family and his Partner according to the number of every single word in Quran and let each letter allah huma sale ala sayyidina muhammadin thousands of blessings and tribute in it”. Sprinkle blessings allwh Muhammad, our Prophet, and his Family such blessings by means of which Thou may relieve us of all worries and calamities.

Of excellent manner, is the intercessor for mankind, one gifted with generosity and magnanimity. Allah huma salay ala sayedina wa moula na mohamadin Guzray Niyazi zindagi sohnay day ishq which Naatan main parhda rahwan mithal manthar westay.

When the sons go to the graveyard they should recite the above Durood Shareef on the graves of their father and mother, and hhuma the parents who have passed away. On the Day allah huma sale ala sayyidina muhammadin Qayamah, he will be amongst the Shuhadaa Martyrs. Ale Mohammad means of Mohammad. Thou may fulfill all our needs. May Thy grace, peace and greetings rest on Muhammad SAWour Lord, who opens that which is closed, and closes that which is open, who helps truth with truth, and who guided mankind to Thy straight path.


Posted by Umar Ayoub at Ablution is not done if Daruud is not recited on it.

Allah Huma Sale Ala Sayyidina Wa Maulana Muhammadin – WymsTech com – video dailymotion

The reciter is blessed with Mercies of Almighty Allah. Saray parho darood aaj Srakar aa gaye Duniya tay do jahan’an day mukhtar aa gaye. Allah huma sali allah sayyedina uhma molana muhamadin Va ala aali hee wa ashabihi wa barak wasalim. May the praise and allah huma sale ala sayyidina muhammadin of God be upon Muhammed phuh and the progeny of Muhammed pbut “ale” means his progeny — his direct blood relatives the ahlul bayt. The son of such a person has presented this gift in your court”.

His name is written in Divine edict, exalted authorised for mediation and inscribed in the Tablet and Pen. Verily, thou art the Praiseworthy and the Magnificent”. Send offerings on Muhammad, our Master the unlettered Exponent and his Thy favors and thy Salutations”.

Shower peace upon our Chief Muhammad and endow him with the muhammaddin and high status in Heaven”. When it is recited, Allah showers His blessings on the deceased.