That surprise twist in the latter half was fantastic. I may pick up the third book out of curiosity to see how things change, but I won’t buy it. Kluver’s books are always packed with plot twists that you don’t expect and can’t help but love! It’s that she so comprehensively shuts out absolutely every little doubt. This review is really a 4. She doesn’t stop to think about how those women who are missing husbands her observation, at one point actually ended up missing their husbands.

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Allegiance : Cayla Kluver :

Other books in the series. I don’t care that she and Narian shared a wonderful romance in the first book! Overall it’s a romantic filler that is probably not helpful for its intended young audience but may be better than most romance novels for adult readers.

It was a wonderful completely fulfilling read for me, this is my all allegiance cayla kluver favorite series ever. I do like all of the curlies, though, naturally. Jun 06, Lacey rated it it was amazing. And uh, just to clarify, most people who get stabbed in the stomach die in medieval settings, because, you know, there’s the little problem of human anatomy with intestines and infection and uh, exactly how does this guy know that Narian hasn’t killed him from cayka stomach wound?

I understand that she loves another person, but when you’re the freaking queen of a country on the brink of war, you need to set your priorities straight, woman. She was fixated on Narian and deep down, I wanted her to give Steldor I know I might see this for a normal teenage girl in the midst of drama, for a week or two at most. The sub allegiance cayla kluver showed little development and almost seemed 2D. Narian could probably kill her parents in front of her and the ending would still be about how they can finally get together, cuz the war’s done!


Oh my god, the books that get kljver these days The only times I was forced to put the book down were driving home from the coffee shop and when I grabbed the bag of pepperonis that classified as my dinner. Honestly its like looking into the mind of a selfish, idiot Honestly I can not finish this book. Perfect makes for a lame story, and I love that Alera stumbles through things, and that she grows over time, learning from her blunders. I almost stopped reading allegiance cayla kluver together but I dared to push on so I can find out what happened to Narian.

I have the right to some fresh air,” I asserted, hands upon my hips. As for the villain. He couldn’t help his past any cayyla than he could help the way allegiance cayla kluver intense, deep blue eyes pierced me and held me captive.

Legacy (novel series)

Allegiance had alldgiance few improvements from Legacybut not enough to make this a good trilogy. Everybody seems to think that she has a good reason to dislike Steldor, but she really doesn’t. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Team Narian or Team Steldor? There’s a nice mix between the allegiance cayla kluver aspect of the story and the action. She’s passive, weak-minded, selfish and above all stupid. Oh cayoa, because he was the one who told the kidnappers how cyla get her. This frustrates me and I sigh about it an awful lot, but it’s clearly not a dealbreaker for me since I keep reading these books. Unfortunately, Narian is forced to serve the Overlord, Hytanica’s enemy, and because of this, Alera knows she cannot be with Narian.


Her office is filled with twinkly lights. Eventually, it attracted the attention of Harlequin Teen.

View kluvet 20 comments. The second book Allegiance is set to be released at the end of February He tortured people with magic, but those scenes were frankly just comical.

I was positively giddy with this turn of events even though it was all stupid Alera’s stupid fault. Sporting a newly designed klufer image, Legacy was republished June 28th, It’s really rare for a character to be that unlikeable, especially when it’s actually a first person narrative.