Currents carry the craft about without any controls being activated, and reverse thrust will actually allow you to back up. Remove Move to wishlist Wishlisted Owned. Noone has rated this game yet. For every sale we receive a small fee from the download store which helps us to keep this free website alive. Menu Store New releases. On July 29, , after years of non-availability , the game was re-released on the digital distributor gog.

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The notebook has a world map, a map of the local zone you are in, and the conversation hints gathered. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The player is confronted with maneuvering through narrow canyons, afchimedean sea currents and enemy fire. And for that we’re deeply sorry, but it’s the only way to get it dynaxty on Abandonia.

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Blue Byte Archimedean dynasty, Inc. Buy all series for In library In cart Dynastty Wishlisted. Support Game technical issues. Currents and reverse thrust are two differences arrchimedean. In many ways this game resembles Wing Commander: Archimedean Dynasty was one of those games that, as a kid, you couldn’t get enough of.


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Privateer should make every effort to get hold of a copy. Thank you and have fun! You act immediately to avoid destruction and lock your sights on the incoming torpedo.

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Combat and exploration in the archimedean dynasty are pretty straightforward, with the familiar elements of a cockpit viewport, indicators of damage on enemy systems, and all the trappings of a flight simulator. Game information Also known as: As the player continues to progress through the main story line his ship is replaced two more times, first by the slightly sluggish Atlantic Federation bomber ‘Zorn’, which introduces the player to a ship with significantly greater firepower.

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During a relatively benign mission to escort a sulfur transport, all hell breaks loose when the Shogunate, a radical pirate faction, appears Sign in Create account Sign in.

Advanced AI puts your tactical fighting skills to the ultimate test when you engage in combat against extremely intelligent and cunning enemies! Sold Simulation Futuristic Sci-Fi. Your cart is empty. The Archiedean gets archimedean dynasty from EnTrOx after their CEO is dybasty and the company dissolved to end their monopoly on and control over Aqua’s energy, transport, and oxygen resources. You archimedean dynasty roam around and do whatever you like; accept contracts or not, and explore the entire underwater world.


After the player completes several missions as repayment to El Topo for the failure of the escort mission, the player is ordered to move to another location to look for a mercenary to assist him in obtaining the black box of the submarine Big Fat Mama. Eerie music, very much what you’d imagine in a post-apocalyptic sub-surface civilization, which adds to the suspense and darker side of the game.

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Create new account Request new password. Hitting W twice will give you a boost in acceleration if you have the ‘Booster’ dyasty. In the distant future, the world has become a nuclear wasteland, leaving the surface uninhabitable.