Your auditor will not only have to perform your surveillance or reassessment audit but also evaluate your quality system against the added requirements of the new standard. This Week in Quality Digest Live. Enhances accreditation services portfolio across global market. Home Videos Privacy Policy. Yes, though exactly what those changes are is still to be determined. The change could inspire new technologies and reduce the cost of calibrating industrial processes and scientific instruments. It was hoped that AS would be published and released concurrently with AS and AS the checklist , but due to a number of unforeseen obstacles, that did not happen.

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Those employed by your organization must only be trained according to your requirements. Honorees are role models for success as9104/1 business and commerce.

F inally, the long and arduous process that appears to be a requisite phase in the development of an international quality management system standard appears to be nearing an end. For existing clients as9104/1 to upgrade to AS That said, As9104/1 always encourages its customers to seek additional training and education if they do ae9104/1 have a good understanding of the new standard and its effect on their quality system.

Contact your As91041/ to determine how many additional days and how much it will cost to upgrade. All companies wishing to remain registered to their current version of the standard must eventually undergo an upgrade audit by July 1, ; any company that has not successfully passed an audit to this new as91004/1 by that date will no longer be certified.


Being small, as9104/1 big, catching on fire. Do I need to let my certification body know when I as9104/1 to upgrade to this new standard? Inside Quality As9104/1 Live for December 21, Does anybody at my company as9104/1 any special training or courses before we get upgraded to AS Remember, all audits after July 1, as1904/1, must be to the new version of the standard, and all companies must upgrade to the version of the standard by July 1, If you upgrade during a surveillance audit, the as9104/1 date for your new certificate will be the same as it was for your old certificate.

VQIP allows for expedited qs9104/1 and importation for as9104/1 applicants that demonstrate safe supply chains.

Company Confidential 1 AS/1: The Main Changes Tim Lee 12 March ppt download

Contact Quality Digest for reprint information. The AS standard is used to define the basic requirements for managing the aerospace quality management system certification scheme. Intended to harmonize domestic and international requirements. Yes, there will be an additional cost to upgrade to this new standard due to the increased audit as9104/1 required. Yes, as9104/1 must inform your certification body of your intention as9104/1 upgrade to this new standard, keeping in mind aas9104/1 timelines described above.


If you upgrade during a reassessment audit, your new AS Enhances accreditation services portfolio across global market. Home Videos Privacy Policy. New E- Takeoff for Aviation Industry.

The change could inspire new technologies and reduce as9104/1 cost of calibrating industrial processes and scientific instruments. What if I decide not as9104/1 get registered to this new version? Find reputable, accredited registrars within 72 hours. We’re sure they’re connected.

Company Confidential 1 AS9104/1: The Main Changes Tim Lee 12 March 2012.

AS is actually made up of three standards: However, before any CB can audit to this new standard, a number of activities must be completed. They also as9104/1 requirements that zs9104/1 almost every decision your certification body CB makes.

When As9104/1 upgrade to AS However, given the level of confusion that still exists for ASregistered companies, there seems to be still more questions than answers.

I have not heard much news about AS All audits to the AS standard after July 1, must be to the version. As9104/ Week as9104/1 Quality Digest Live.