The nirayana longitude of the planets, the rasi, the longitude in the rasi, the star as well as star pada is calculated. Its combination of products which is financially economical and good for bureau as well as professionals. Save to my downloads. It opens to you the possibilities of attaining enlightenment too. The Free Malayalam Astrology Software has an inbuilt database of global cities too.

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Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini

The option to choose chart styles such as North Indian, Llifesign All these make horoscope matching the preliminary step in Hindu marriages. The software will generate a score after checking all the above parameters. Various ayanamsa settings are included, such as Chitra Paksha ayanamsa or Lahiri ayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy ayanamsa and Thirukanitham ayanamsa. This software will generate the horoscope based on place of birth, date and time that you enter in the interface.

By identifying such doshas, a horoscope can also suggest the remedial measures to prevent or reduce their ill effects.

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This will help you deliver different types of horoscope reports at various prices to your customers. The nirayana longitude of the planets, the rasi, the longitude in the rasi, the star as well as star pada is calculated. It will also reveal the individual’s character, status, mindset, attitudes etc. A to Z Mini Billboards Finances. So, lifesiign dont need to enter latitude, longitude and time zones of major cities.


Since 25 years I am using Astro-vision software for personal future prediction and muhurthas preditions. How to clean registry featured.

Efficient Notes Lifesihn management. Astro-Vision is a pioneer in astrology software development and its flagship software, Astro-Vision Lifesign Also calculates the lords of the shodasavarga and presents it in a chart format for easy reference.

The software suits the astro vision lifesign mini malayalam software of Astrologers and Astrology students, providing a Includes a large database of cities from all over the world. The Free Malayalam Astrology Software has an inbuilt database of global cities; you can add new city data to this.

You can know your compatibility with the prospective partner by making a comparative study of your horoscopes. It provides a brief summary of Vimshottari Dasa too. All charts, calculations and analysis are based on Vedic Astrology. Select the age up to which analysis is performed for favourable periods for marriage while preparing the computer horoscope.

If you need a tool that can be used to manage all the personal, lifestyle and personal issues. Is this free astrology software provide predictions?


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Tamil life sign mini. Astro-Vision provides prompt after-sales support through Email and telephone. A horoscope is a coded document of your life. Astro-Vision LifeSign astrology software provides a Transit prediction based on the comparison of the present position of planets with those in the birth chart.

Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini (free) download Windows version

Additional cities can also be added, malayaalm the list of cities fully customizable. Analysis of the second house, for predictions on wealth, land and property. Using this software, you can prepare horoscopes with your preferred regional chart formats viz. We use cookies to ensure a complete experience on our website. Astro-Vision LifeSign Software indicates visipn favourable periods for career within the various dasa and apahara periods.

The Introduction section of the horoscope. Our computer horoscope software provides predictions based on the Ashtakavarga system.