First posted on Majority of traditional Buddhists believe in such mythology but, from a critical point of view such cultural baggage should be put aside. As far as comparative studies of deities, indeed that would be nice, let me know if you find anything. There are 3 types of devas. The picture below depict the tribe with 3 references from the Tripitaka, Mahavamsa and Lankavatara Suthra. In the southern region, there are great powerful gods devas They may also protect us to be healthy and happy.

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First posted on Atanatiya sutta Mat, to answer your first question, have a read of this. Dear Ajhan Sujato, What criteria do atxnatiya apply to determine the authenticity of a sutta and how do they apply to the Atanatiya sutta?

When the night had passed the Buddha atanatiya sutta the monks to learn the Atanata paritta by heart, to constantly use of it, and to bear it in mind. Authenticity of Atanatiya sutta Discussion.

Konagamanassa namatthu, brahmanassa vusimato; Kassapassa ca namatthu, vippamuttassa sabbadhi. The Buddhas, the Peace-makers may always protect you to be happy.

They were the Brahmins, scholars, teachers and the like. All these Buddhas, are noble sages, who shine with the surrounding halo of about the length of one stretched-arm.

atanatiay By these Buddhas, may you be protected so that you may be liberated from all calamities. Maybe he just washed his face and was happy?! It is found in the third book of the Long Discourses.


Atanatiya Sutta – Dhamma Wheel

Mosquito repellent was not mentioned by the Buddha, nor was pepper spray! May you be emancipated from all diseases. All Buddhas are powerful ones. King Dutugamunu father was a Naga.

Dhamma Wheel

Homage also to Vessabhu Buddha, washed clean from all defilements and endowed with ascetic spirit. So what is the real story? They all are atanatiya sutta with immense radiation light, of almighty power, of infinite wisdom, and atanatiya sutta immutable strength. Mahasamaya sutta cannot be considered as a later development since it has many parallel versions in the Chinese agamas etc…But atqnatiya contain traces atanatjya peculiar stuff that cannot be considered as budda vacana.

It must be more benefit than listening to music videos or watching the World Cup. I have to admit that I have never taken the trouble to learn it.

The ancient Burmese monks who were experts in Pali language composed thirty stanzas of this sutta based upon six verses in the original text mentioned in Digha nikaya, Pathikavagga, Atanata sutta, concluding with atanatiy original verse from Dhammapada Pali Atanatiya Paritta in Burmese Myanmar.

In the eastern region there are powerful great deities bhutas.


Homage to Vipassi Buddha, possessed of the eyes of enlightenment and of glory. Therefore the great king Vessavanna or Kuvera wanted to present the Atanata paritta to the Lord that it atanatiya sutta be recited to make the displeased demons to be pleased; and consequently the monks, nuns, lay devotees may be at ease, guarded, protected and unharmed.


This Atanata atanatia pertains to the welfare of atanatiya sutta and by virtue of it all the disciples and lay devotees can live at ease, atsnatiya, protected and unharmed. In it a Yakka asks the Buddha whether he can teach the Buddha a chant to protect his disciples from yakkas, and the Buddha consents in silence.

Atanatiya Sutta

These Buddhas expound bravely to the audience like the Lion-roar; they propagate the Noble Wheel atanatiya sutta Law in the world which cannot be done by ordinary world lings. These persons never slander; but they are noble, and free from fear. What criteria do you apply to determine the authenticity of a sutta and how do they apply to the Atanatiya sutta? In order that the hostile inhuman beings, who are always evil-doers and who do not have atanatiya sutta in this well-esteemed religion of the Lord Buddha.

Dear Ajhan Sujato, Thanks. May worry and illness be dispelled.