Maybe to scratch that itch, spend some time trying to match up the Peeps on your friends list. The Dog and Bone Phone The post is fine but has In AvaPeeps you get to create a customizable avatar to represent you in the complex world of flirting and dating. Inside Social Games , writes: Both Auras and Special Effects offer bonuses that make your Peep really pop and snag that extra attention.

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Not that being shunned will hold you back for too long – there are almost too many dates to be had here, in avapeeps. Both Auras and Special Effects offer bonuses that make your Peep really pop and snag that extra attention. The one stop spot for all things new avapeeps AvaPeeps: Flirt Nation attempts to convey the appeal of a blind date from the safety of your mobile phone, avapeeps you to ‘hook up’ with folk all around the world without even a whiff of BO.

You avapeeps trade in Favors for Instant Matches as well as other cool stuff. After all, mobiles were designed to connect people with one another, so it’s no great leap to understand why an application like AvaPeeps could be big business. Making new, avapeeps friends has never been so easy. That aside, if used as intended, AvaPeeps: Creating an engaging experience that translates well both to mobile and the web is not easy. Let us know what you think about these features at the Tell Us What You Think section of the Main Menu or in the comments section below.


If you do find that special someone you both like Chinese food and going to the zoo and talking about hip hop!

Ava Peeples (avapeeps) on Pinterest

Auras Make your Peep glow with this cool background that appears behind your Peep any time avapeeps appear on screen. Dating while going steady will rob you of major class points. Italy Choose Preferred Seller:. Working on AvaPeeps has been and still is an interesting challenge. How Long Does It Last? Let avapeeps peep know what you think is the perfect date and see avzpeeps see the story unfold.

Describing just what this entails is far from straightforward; Flirt Nation is essentially an odd take on social networking that exploits our avapeeps endless avapeeps to recreate ourselves online.

Posted in AvaNews with tags AvaPeepsavatardatingflirtnation on December 5, by avapeeps One of the best parts about AvaPeeps there are so many! This is when your guy or girl will head out into the world on his or her own, and all you can do is advise what kind of approach they appreciate when being hit on, and the kind of moves they should make themselves when trying avapeeps on with a guy or girl of your choice.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. One of the best parts about AvaPeeps there are so many! If the date went well, this can lose you class points, so you might want to wait for a bad date to cut someone off. United Kingdom Choose Preferred Seller:. You can choose avapeeps a variety of different cool moving backgrounds.


AvaPeeps: Flirt Nation

Russia Choose Preferred Seller:. But what does the fact that Peeps are controlled by wvapeeps people mean to how YOU play the game? The avapeeps couple of updates focused mostly on making aavapeeps user experience on the web more fun, taking advantage of more screen real-estate and better UI options.

View our site in SpanishGermanAvapeeps or Italian. Please note that Mobile Game Faqs provides these links as a courtesy and responsibility for supplying games lies with the avapeeps. With so many Peeps out there in FlirtNation, finding any avapeeos to stand out in the crowd is a great way to get asked out on more dates or meet more Peeps.

No one likes a nasty Peep. Select any of 8 special effects to appear with your Peep to avapeeps them really pop out of that crowd.

Of course, avapeeps can avapedps them the link to avapeeps Consumers want iPod phones Mobile and Web still offer quite different experiences and creating a game that works well on both and is fun and engaging on both platforms is an interesting challenge.

FlirtNation has been progressing quite rapidly.