So u lose you chips To the creator of this game Samsung phones work the best at this game with no crashes, freezing and the lay out on Samsung phone is amazing, due to the fact it’s zoomed in and cards are way larger. East City A Surkov. If it doesn’t get fixed and i dont get my coins back, then im contacting apple to get my money back and deleting this app. Will come back and change the rating if something changes hopefully.

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Always crashes and you end up losing your buy in for that game. And on top of it all now you only give the daily bonus if the player is under coins. Took all the chips that I bought with 2. older version and wont allow me to log in with the old username. Then you get into another game and it crashes again. Extremely buggy, you keep losing money because it just crashes and or just kicked you out of the bazar blot 2.1.

Best Belote Game By Far! Winning and loosing should have the same impact. Bolor commentneri het hamamit et Cause it doesn’t work. But honestly had to delete the app today. Sometimes by accident you play the wrong card because bazar blot 2.1 the fact the cards being smaller, I have small to average fingers so I can imagine someone with thicker fingers playing the wrong cards at times, that would be frustrating!


Paying bot a game AND being hit with constant ads is just disgusting. Instead of Durak, Nardi and Poker players most often prefer to play blot. The new app is forever loading without ever starting the game. Auto play is the worst! What a rig to get people to pay for chips.

Completely new version New design New features.

Bazar Blot Club Hack and Guide

The game is vazar, I love it and am addicted, there are other belot apps but nothing beats this one! It’s a nice game to play but not until they fix the issues unless the issues are in purpose to steal your money. I gave this app too many chances and now it’s time to delete it. It is not bad but there is few really bad things. Martkants toghek tox haves anen xaghov. Yaky to this programmers. This is the worst app ever. Losing coins makes me mad. Bazar blot 2.1 fix all bazsr.


Bazar blot / Áàçàð áëîò

You got the platform, the people, opportunity to make money. We gave a great chance to all the lovers of Blot to play wherever they want to; bus stop, metro, 2. office away from the manager’s eye: Keeps kicking me out from the game 2 seconds after the game starts. I wonder if bazar blot 2.1 amateur creators read the reviews.

At first bazarr was good. I just clicked to play a game it takes coins and immediately it kicked me out. Game crash bug fixed. What I don’t like is when you win, you win small, when you loose, you loose big.

Compatibility Requires iOS 8. When the game you’re in ends, sometimes it freezes and doesn’t let you leave the game. Sxala shat Problem 2 xax anjatvuma shut shut Problem 3 aranc xaxalu el xax mtnumem mek mek miavorner aranc xaxalu pakasuma.