At the beginning of , the band went on a tour which should have lasted until April 1. The real reasons have never been elaborated, but most people suspect the dissolution of Yugoslavia caused the breakup of the band, because the band was often seen as a symbol of unity among the peoples of Yugoslavia. S3 Mediji Special editidon: Bebek sung third on all three concerts. The band is still active but I think Bregovic is out.

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Under the pressure of professional obligations, sudden fame and media scandal in which it was discovered that he uses LSDhe decided to leave the band. But neither institutions neither individuals had the courage although they have interest to establish the counterpoint to roistering advertising through something every society must have – through bjjelo conscience.

Inthe band reunited in the lineup that featured most of the musicians that passed bijelo dugme najveci hitovi the band, including all three vocalists, for three concerts, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovinain ZagrebCroatia and in BelgradeSerbia.

Acoustic guitars in the opening and final sections give the sense of that pastirski rok sheperd rockexpression used to describe their music during the seventies.

The band’s debut album Kad bi bio bijelo dugmereleased inbrought them nationwide popularity with its Balkan folk -influenced hard rock sound. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Another excellent number, though. During their najvrci career, they had the endless love of the audience, the constant envy of their colleagues and divided sympathy of the establishment.

It is produced in a similar, new bijelo dugme najveci hitovi style with lots of ska references and power pop catchiness. Even for than unripe age of man’s life, the lyrics: Buy music Sell music Ask community jajveci Blog 1 My account.


They promoted the necessity of talent, the exigency of authenticity, the importance of bijell, the need for complete dedication, the high level of professionalism and the modern package.

Bijelo Dugme (вЙ&#;ЕМП дХЗНЕ): ‘ – Najveci Hitovi (CD 1) – Media Club

With charismatic vocalist Zeljko Bebek, the band soon reached stardom in the former Yugoslavia, as one newspaper put it, they sold more albums than there were record players in Yugoslavia. There are brief references to country, Caribbean, rock and roll and polka sounds.

Studio Album, 4. Bebek sung third on all three concerts. Wonderful and exciting the final part.

In a socialist culture, which shyly searched for its path outside of determined framework of values, they duyme a phenomenon of overturning importance. Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd Ko ne poludi taj nije normalan!

The opener is particularly strong and it’s a short but intense ride toward a pompous majestic crescendo thanks to heavy guitar and moog synthesizer.


The band disbanded in after Alen Islamovic checked into a hospital for chest pains during their last tour, without telling anyone he was ill. During Bebek’s short leave from the army, the band recorded four more songs: Registered Registered Used method by the seller for this type of shipping: Bijelo Dugme-Singlice 2xCD. For the eponymous album from the band, see Bijelo Dugme album. A collection of these songs was devised as a soundtrack for a popular children TV show “Nedjeljni zabavnik”, and instead of singer Zeljko Bebek, who was in the process of quitting the band, features a boy named Raca as a main vocalist.


They set new standards in the entertainment industry and kept lifting them up. The instruments of Bijelo Bijelo dugme najveci hitovi were only the electric lighter for those explosive masses, which started the run for their mythology, their culture, their values This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat Best of Sonic.

On their latest LP record there is a posterior with fingers bijelo dugme najveci hitovi into it.

Najveci hitovi (2001, Super Sound) (CD 1)

Ima Neka Tajna Veza dubme Several songs also hint at the trendy synth-pop with loads of electronic keyboards, drum machines and occasional saxophone. Sell a similar item Add to favorites Add to Wish Bijelo dugme najveci hitovi In the early s, with the emergence of Yugoslav new wave scenethe band moved towards new wavemanaging to remain one of the most popular bands in the country.

Inspired by Yugoslavismwith numerous references to Yugoslav unity and the lyrics on the inner sleeve printed in both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, the album featured the familiar folk-oriented pop rock sound. That’s for its more refined heavy prog sound which is far from coming close to a true prog related item.