This will alert your teammates to their presence since they pose a higher threat than most regular units. Sensor boosters, while good for locking quickly, is somewhat counter-productive to the whole idea behind bombers. Do you get bored while waiting for the thermal drill to finish but are too comfortable to wear that clunky armor and do it loud? Real Weapon Mod Names A mod that gives throwables, melee weapons, and attachments their real-life counterpart names. Some cosmetic features in M.

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Let me know what you think about it, or if you have any issues.

Stealth Bombers

Peacemaker was beyond saving because of the 1 year long reload, so I gave him damage per shot and ability to pierce shields. The mod changes only the priority of the different interaction features [clientside]. This will not affect non-explosive throwables i. Never mind – I’ll take twenty of it’: No longer iniector you have to deal with babysitting new players from the most recent Steam sale.

Also, why’s the text all chipped and eroded since U? Removes the ability for frag grenades, rockets and grenade launcher nades to be shot from mid-air since dynamite stelath does this making TNT a straight upgrade from all the grenades. The track will switch after the selected duration of time has past. All changes made black ops stealth injector 1.1 that update have been reverted with VTC: Weapon attachment compatibility blacklist: Open text file “callouts.


FPS Cap About This mod provides a bunch of new frame rate limit options in addition to the existing ones. Highly recommend just sticking to default settings though. It is fully customizable, and blacj that are hidden are invisible and cannot be accessed by the cursor arrow keys injrctor, so there will be no hindrance whatsoever to keyboard navigation.

Its weakness is that fleet management and FC-ing becomes impractical as soon as you grow beyond two wings of bombers. You can disable any and all of the sttealth in this mod at will, through the menu. black ops stealth injector 1.1

The torpedo explosion radius will be too large to apply full damage to the small signature radius of a frigate, unless:. This mod lets you send civilian hostages to your custom waypoint. Renames nearly everything others or myself have managed to identify or make a close match to a real life counterpart.

You can download this from [http: The import costs are applied normally. Because the engine randomly decides to plummet to. Enabling additional bots with the Big Lobby inuector Just extracting the zip in your BLT “mods” folder bllack enough to run it, then you can simply update it from the Mod Manager whenever I release a new update.


Untested in multiplayer games! It also puts weapon classes in their place as all bullet weapons now have damage drop-off. Cops won’t run faster, they won’t deal more damage, they’ll just wait less between each of their actions.

Imagine there are only you and one unique cop all over the map. You can equip your melee while you are in a downed state. These are useful in situations in which the bomber needs to align quickly blcak warp off the grid. Blackmarket Weapon Customization Revert About Annoyed at how long the new weapon customization scene takes to load and how inefficiently it uses screen space to show the available mods?

This mod lets you switch the underbarrel while aiming down sight.

Stealth Bombers – UniWiki

This will not affect normal sentry function otherwise. Throwing a grenade or molotov or dynamite will require ips to tap twice. Message me on discord if you have questions or comments, or if you need modding help.