A release of the inner pain. Add your thoughts 5 Comments. But it seems to me that someone who is depressed is trying to kill “the loneliness behind the eyes” AKA the pain or the depression by cutting. Unable to break free of our bonds, Pinned under the ever watchful eye of ‘security’, Whispers of truth, for fear of death. Song Meaning This song is absolutely beautiful.

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Because they can’t believe it. Also, people who are depressed isolate themselves instead of going for help; it’s a symptom of the disorder. Not only does it speak about the individuals depressive state going forward, but speaks to the boue as an oppressed state when inverted. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. My Interpretation This a truly amazing song. But yes, you get a special serialized Lovecraftian noir story by a phenomenal horror author.

Why not add your own? From the tone of the song, I also feel like it’s someone trying to sympathise with someone who suffers from major depression. No Replies Log in to reply.

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! This person feels like they will never be happy, popular, loved, all that, and they are releasing “what they will never be” along with the blood when they cut.


And the “spilling the wrist” is of course referring to cutting. Lyrics submitted by SuddenlySilent.

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Something’s wrong inside the system the country, the population, the community, the blue stahli throw awayEveryone turns into an ‘enemy’ with their ambitions to reach the top power, greed, selfishness, waay All our hopes are fast asleep, Spill the wrist of what you’ll never be.

Klay went overboard with Deluxe single content as well. The only option they’ll give us. The concerned person doesn’t want that to happen. This time from Charlotte out in the UK one my 3 whole fans letting me know what she thought of my track Throw Away. I know just how each song has a different meeting for everyone.

Throw Away Lyrics

Our hopes, The People, are asleep, unaware, in denial, told not to think about it Death may be our only escape to freedom what we’ll never be is alive and free Don’t pretend, I know how this ends, and who you are in secret.

Know something about this song or lyrics? Unable to break free of our bonds, Pinned under the ever watchful eye of ‘security’, Whispers of truth, for fear of death. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

“THROW AWAY” LYRICS by BLUE STAHLI: We are thrown away

Just scraping by, taking it day by day. This song hits close to home Either way, self-harm becomes his blu. Sometimes the best you can do is just survive. Hostile strum and icepick tongue, Shelter here from everyone. However, this is just a temporary release from the “prison skin”; cuts always heal.


More Blue Stahli Lyrics. How we are different people in secret, smiling to hide everything underneath, but blus reality we are dying inside. Don’t pretend, I know how blue stahli throw away ends, and who you are in secret. We must stop lying to ourselves, History repeats itself, We know who’s behind this They’ve done this before, we’ve been lead away from this truth, banned, destroyed, burned, hidden, secret We are thrown away, In the house you made of every stolen moment.

Ztahli, this also spreads bacteria so more form. The fourth line refers to the idea that someone who is depressed is just barely surviving. I’ll whisper your incision.