Mono Plugin id Name Description dsp. Any sample rate supported. New toolbar to access main features. Input The input parameters of this plug-in are described below. Pushing all parameters to other instances does not push the stereo configuration anymore. Smaller binaries on Mac dropped PowerPC support. Improved signal processing performance up to twice faster on some systems!

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Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst User Manual

Improved consistency with our other analysis tools. Mac Audio Unit support. Related Bundles Free Pack.

There are two ways to select the skin of your plug-in: It is possible to customize the channel, control numbers, range and response curve used for each parameter in the settings panel available from the main menu see the Plug-in Settings chapter for more details. Mac Improved display of Audio Unit parameters in most host applications. No CPU load on idle: In feequency applications you may not be able to use all keys described later in this manual bluecat frequency analyzer interact with our plug-ins.

Download Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst by Blue Cat Audio

Controls visibility is now persistent. Minor user interface changes. I am also glad there is a possibility to store curves to a memory – Tom Burr The Blue Cat Frequency Analyst jam packed with different ways to visualize your audio.


It controls the refresh rate of non-audio data produced by the plug-in parameters, frsquency All parameters described below can be automated and controlled via MIDI if your host bluecat frequency analyzer supports it.

You can choose to change these settings either for the current preset or globally for all instances of the plug-in. Improved parameters display in host application bludcat settings window.

Smart interpolation algorithm for extreme display smoothness. Some host applications will require you to scan the plug-ins before they are available in the application.

Screenshots Click on the thumbnail to enlarge. Control MIDI settings dialog now brought back to front when already opened in the background. Cubase freezes when loading a preset using a different skin while the plugin window is open. Analysis Controls The settings described in details in the parameters section are available next to the graph view when activated.

Cubase freezes when loading a preset using a different skin while the plugin window bluecat frequency analyzer open. In this window you can change the settings for the current preset of the current instance of the plug-in only. The plug-in now requires a processor supporting SSE2. Before installing one of the plug-in versions, you should close all your host applications. Optimizations and Performance Improvements: Improved accuracy of MIDI output.


The global skin used by default if no preset skin has been selected can be changed in the global settings pane. Installing User Skins To select user skins directly from the skins menu, install them in the “Skins” directory available in the bluecat frequency analyzer documents folder: Multiple display sizes Instant, peak and average curves display for each track. Buy Add to Cart.

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst

Commands The icons in the toolbar give you access the to wnalyzer following commands that are detailed in the next paragraph:. Optimizations and Performance Improvements: Optimizations and Performance Improvements: Analysis parameters can now be pushed from one instance to others to simplify the workflow. Fixed user interface display issues in Wavelab on Mac.