Here is a link to an interview with the author: Jul 27, Felix rated it it was amazing Shelves: Did Gjorg die in the end? Should a member of the victim’s family kill Gjorg, this will restore their honor. I felt his anxiety. Published in , the book explores one of Kadare’s recurring themes; how the past affects the present. Initially, I imagined that these rules were a product of the author’s imagination.

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This requires him to grant his characters less broken april ismail kadare and moral dignity than they may deserve. It is not clear whether he has actually read or understood him, but in my opinion, he would have done far better by himself to attend carefully to Nietzsche’s famous dictum “If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you”.

View all 3 comments. Much bbroken my dismay, this code of revenge is fact. The dead goes out of the house and the wife inside.

I’m just making a conscious effort to explore the world through books as I’m able. Broken April reads like The Castle without K. A kind of privilege attaches to these facts – the rich uncles, the Kadare name, the proximity to Hoxha – and eased his path.

The simple, unvarnished style made it readable in a short time for me. Certain Albanian elders are judged to be sufficiently learned in interpreting the laws of the Kanun.

Broken April is in large part a description of the brutal blood feud traditions of the Albanian highlands, based on a four-century old set of rules called the Kanun. From the kadre of his career as a novelist, Kadare’s interest has fastened on the distinct, cruel traditions of the Balkans, aoril nobody forgets anything and revenge is eternal. The mind-boggling discoveries I made after googling some of the elements in this translated story, written inare that ritual blood feuds actually happened in Albania’s past and are STILL happening today in broken april ismail kadare rural areas and mountains of Albania.


It sold 20, copies before the Writers’ Union met members of the Politburo in emergency session and declared it “against the regime”. Hoxha wished to be seen as cultivated, intelligent, franco-phone, without the whiff of suppression. Even if the future wife is dying she will be brought to get married. Thanks for telling us about the aprul.

Living with ghosts

View all 21 comments. Gjorg’s story was the most fascinating–the murder, what he ismaiil in his time of brlken, and his final shocking though inevitable fate.

Only his notorious poem “The Red Pashas” was banned before publication. In the novel, an entire village was burned down because they refused to shelter a visitor. This is a beautifully written, bleak and haunting novel, set between the wars in the mountains of northern Albania. Broken April by Ismail Kadare.

I felt Bessian was only a mouthpiece to explain the Kanunthe rigid set of laws governing every aspect of life and death of the mountain folk. Albanian History To understand the appearance of The Kanun in Albania I believe the history of the country should be understood. It was spread mainly in the mountainous North broken april ismail kadare the country where foregners and their laws could not enter. The murder must be undertaken only in certain areas of a home or a town, in certain times of the day, within a year.


I hated the Soviet books, full of sunshine, working in the fields, the joyous spring, the summer full of hope. A Note on Pronunciation. At the end of the bessathe justicer can be killed by another appointed justicer in revenge, unless he goes to live in a tower of refuge, unable to ever leave the tower for the rest of his life. After one man kills to avenge an insult, a duty of revenge continues until all the men of a household are either dead or sheltering broken april ismail kadare towers of sanctuary, unable to go out during daylight.

Broken April by Ismail Kadare

This might make him sound lugubrious; but I still remember the enchantment I felt when I first read him in the s, in a novel that excavated his childhood during the second world war, Chronicle in Stone. It does not have enough action for the average reader.

His works have been published in about 30 languages. Izmail Preview See a Problem?