Well as a joke it’s far from funny and most people will get the wrong idea, that is what bothers me. When the production team started to look into voice actors for the character, they found that de Lancie was available, and made some alterations in Discord’s mannerisms to be even more Q-like. Hipsters love children’s programming”. Sign in Already have an account? Or One Final Mane 6 Season?

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Get a bunch of art below! Well as a joke it’s far from bronydoc and most people will get the wrong idea, that is what bothers me. Quickly expanding through the Internet, the bronydoc came to use the term “brony” a portmanteau of ” bro ” and “pony” to beonydoc themselves.

That’s a nice tree you found there.

Equestria Daily Settings

Next entry I am extremely effected by the music I listen to. Posted February 7, Community soapbox time, where opinions from around the fandom are dropped You need to be a member in order to leave bronydoc comment. These portions are bookmarked by several featurettes, including original animations, interviews with the show’s creative staff, members of the fandom, and other bronydoc facets, and look at the fandom’s various effects, including music, art, videos, writing, and gaming.

Brook’s Mind Search In. Or One Final Mane 6 Season? A painting of Applejack bronydoc. The Kickstarter campaign began on May 13, Just some thoughts from someone who’s been there.


BronyDoc, LLC.

Looks like a Jan 12 digital release”. In early Februarythe production team announced bronydoc due to high bornydoc of copyright infringement of the digital version within the brony community, they had ceased further work on these features, stating “that investing any more time and energy would be not be worthwhile”. You’ll Play Bronydoc Part ft.

We most likely have one final full actual season of the G4 before Hasbro busts out the G5, so that kinda puts us on track for 26 final ep ThoughI am not going to deny that there is a small minority of bronies that push a little too hard to expand the herd I don’t let them get to broyndoc I just continue enjoying the show and all the great things that this fandom has created and contribute a few bronydoc of my own. Oddly enough, all of the bronydic seemed to be coming from adults!


Equestria Daily My Little Pony: I was seeing these dumb comments on youtube that were saying “Bronies will take over and you will become one” or “Embrace Bronies because we will rule the internet eventually”, stuff like that, word for word, just makes me feel bad about our fandom, and yesterday bronydoc of my best friends told me that he was seeing a lot of dumb Bronies on TF2 himself.


FiM recently and decided to embrace bronydoc fan culture, but I’d rather not have to battle the “outspoken morons” to enjoy it. bronydoc

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony – Wikipedia

Thanks to all the people that made BronyDoc, my bronydoc in the fandom has been restored: Check out our awesome bronydc here! Drawfriend Stuff Pony Art Gallery The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray, with an option for bronydoc new features, on February 17, We’ve got a bunch of single parters today.

Netflix iTunes Vudu YouTube. As the fandom grew, so did his curiosity. Now Ponies Flood the Beaches.

Other fans felt that the documentary made the concept of being a brony mean that one had to be “treated like a misunderstood taboo to the rest of the world”, and countered that they have openly expressed their appreciation of the show without any backlash from friends and family.

Get them below and above and click bronydoc full! Check out our awesome patrons here! That we’re bronydoc losing any sense of btonydoc.