BrainPie January 6th 28 Comments. Urinetrouble December 23rd Comments. On 9 Music Lists. However, as anybody who had a solid cry at any time in their life will say, one actually feels a bit better after calming down. This is strictly a slowed down form of rock with psychedelic and even post-rock elements along with the occasional funk bass line. Captain Eo’s Voyage 2. I’m rarely that premature, but I’m pretty sure I’m in love.

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Ovrot March 7th Comments.

Captain Eo’s Voyage | Bucketheadland Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

With time, the whole stellar setting starts fading, becoming less and less real Trails of Moondust 6. I’m really digging the album so far, and already have a feeling that I’ll be rating it in the 4.

The Siphoning Sequence 9. Eo somehow isn’t really talkative, the universe is quite empty, and in spite of all captwin miraculous things outside a certain sadness buckethead captain eos voyage in. Of course, Captain Eo’s Voyage wouldn’t be anywhere near this incredible if the other instruments did a poor job. Lambda January 6th Comments. Buckethead’s playing on the tracks is some of the most mature and brilliant guitar work he has ever laid down, both live and on record.


As a long time Bhead fan I got a little worried for awhile, but these past two releases have been some of the best I’ve heard from him. Ovrot March 6th Comments.

Login Create a Profile. Edwin February 23rd Comments. Captain Eo’s Voyage 2. Please consider supporting buckethead captain eos voyage by disabling your ad blocker.

Cradle of Filth – Midian. His approach is very sparing, never engulfing the listener in a barrage of shred, instead opting for a more refined and soulful way of conveying his message. What a crazy good guitarist.

Captain Eo’s Voyage

Great review, I want this. PuddlesPuddles December 23rd Comments. I would prefer it if he released an album once every two years with only his best material on it as opposed to one every two months. Electric Six Buckethead captain eos voyage Dare You. My problem with Buckethead is that I feel that he releases far too many albums and as a result it seems like a lot of filler makes it onto his albums.

Iron Frost Ultimate Captaib Plan. Buckethead was a great Michael Jackson fan, and he supplied a rather mournful tribute song days after the renowned voyaage passing. You are not logged, please complete authentication before bucketnead use forum credentials.


Latest members reviews No review or rating for the moment Submit a review. Population Override ION This album will not try to make you happy This one has more variety between tracks as well as dynamic shifts between the buckethead captain eos voyage aspects of BH’s music and the more rockin’ out however nothing on here approaches metal whatsoever.

However, as anybody who had a solid cry at any time in their life buckethezd say, one actually feels a bit better after calming down. Out of the Attic.

YoungHeretic January 2nd 43 Comments. Bucketheadland 2 black vinyl Ion Records. Once the last notes ring out, one just wants to snuggle in with someone close and stay that way forever, oblivious to everything else.