Were all testers using the right software? Assign a serial number to each cable and archive it in a database to capture a complete record of every cable tested. Among the other benefits, LinkWare Stats enables companies to demonstrate that an installation meets warranty requirements. Connected to the base system via ribbon cables. Skip to main content.

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Choose from a wide variety of plug-in connector boards to mate with most standard cables, and easily mount custom connectors for cableeye software applications. The test time, error rate, operator name, and average time to test are also stored.

Access Control Next Topic Previous Topic TOC You may choose to assign operator names with optional passwords and varying degrees of privilege and set-up such as language. Contact us for individual configurations or special connector board designs. Neither User names nor passwords are required, and you may choose to use the system with fully open access in cableeye software single-user environment.

The Ramp times specify how fast the test voltage is reached when starting a test and how fast the cable is discharged when the test finishes.

M3U CableEye enhanced cable tester system camiu

The netlist table displays the measured 4 wire resistance in each conductor. The software included when the hardware is shipped features all functions needed to cableeye software regular testing of cables. Print what you see below right now and click here for more examples of reports and labels. More about the CableEye Connector Boards.


Cablleeye, company, phone, your question:. You may choose to assign operator names with optional passwords and varying degrees of privilege and set-up such as language. Choose the test frequency to correspond with the power line frequency under which the cable will cableeye software operated.

When Line 3 is reached, an Operator Note pops up seen below giving the operator the option to continue with the test Start Teststop testing Cancelor temporarily stop Pause.

Customer-specific measurement from ALLDAQ

Skip to main content. Free 2 Week Trial: A fast linear hipot scan checks 13 nets per second.

In this way, you may limit access to the tester to authorized personnel only, and protect cableeye software database, Macros, logs, and system settings from tampering. With the CableEye cable testers and harness testers, find defective or miswired cables instantly before cagleeye damage equipment or waste valuable technician time.

Architects, Consultants and Designers.

Windows Software for the CableEye PC Based Cable Tester

Note that the gray button with red arrow next to each connector indicates the direction of view into the connector. Four-wire measurement eliminates any effect of fixture resistance to obtain a precise value of cableeyd unit under test UUT resistance only. Note that the test data top blue screen is not shielded and its wiring is quite different.

The CableEye HVX cable and harness test system permits expanded testing sofhware insulation resistance cableeye software dielectric breakdown. Expansion module for the M4 systemstackable version. Select the test you wish to perform, and set the voltage and current limits as desired.


M3U CableEye Enhanced System 1

It can help companies cableeye software new business with professional and customized summary performance reports, and enables them to create graphs and tables that show czbleeye by test standard, operator, location and other attributes.

Can also measure resistance 0.

Large, bright Pass and Fail indicators summarize the test result. We set the upper window in this case to show the differences between Test and Match data by pressing the Delta button small triangle, see the tool bar along the top of the screen.

Unskilled operators need only to press the TEST pushbutton on the fixture to trigger an involved test sequence set up by the quality control cableeye software, with results automatically logged to disk for later analysis and report generation.

You may test AC at 60 or 50 Hz. Please check out the many videos on the CableEye website. Smaller ramp cableeye software are needed for assemblies that exhibit high capacitance. Once the connection is made, audible feedback confirms a proper connection or warns of an error.