Welcome to Fluke Networks. Integrity Networks Alaska Branch. Whether users need to create multiple projects, import data or sort reports, the software makes managing jobs simpler. Assign a serial number to each cable and archive it in a database to capture a complete record of every cable tested. When resistance errors are found during testing, the Wiring Differences net list shows by how much the resistance differs from your specification. It can help companies win new business with professional and customized summary performance reports, and enables them to create graphs and tables that show margins by test standard, operator, location and other attributes. The test time, error rate, operator name, and average time to test are also stored.

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A new option for the CableEye HVX high voltage cable tester that permits expanded testing for contact and wire resistance as low as 1 milliohm.

HVX CableEye Software

Versiv Cabling Certification System. Do you have any questions on this item?

Errors and modifications excepted. They accomplished this by intentionally introducing shorts cableeye software 10 separate locations on the board during high voltage operation and monitoring the response. In this case, we start on line 1 by sotware the operator to choose a cable from the database. Given the growing complexity of the cable-testing environment, a tool like LinkWare can be invaluable.

The HVX system can presently cableeye software expanded to test points two more modules than shown here cableee, and expansion to sizes greater than points is planned for the near future. Synthetic speech increases throughput, and helps the technician avoid repetitive motion injury to the neck and shoulders by eliminating the need to look constantly between the workpiece and the cableeye software.


We set the upper window in this case to show the differences between Test and Match data by pressing the Delta button small triangle, see the tool bar along the top of the screen. The familiar Sofgware interface lets use rs measure a cable in less than one second, view a graphic wiring display of the cable’s cableeyye, add descriptive notes, and save cable data in a searchable database for future reference.

CableEye by CAMI – Cable and Wire Harness Test Systems: ALLDAQ

You may choose any of the twelve standard test sequences included with the distribution software, or design your own. After checking for opens, shorts, miswires, and resistance limits, the new 4-wire Kelvin measurement applies a user-selectable test current from 10 ma to 1 amp to determine connection resistance within 1 milliohm.

This new high voltage test capability allows users to meet the industry-standard A guidelines for cable and wire harness testing. Cableeye software that the gray button with red arrow next to each connector indicates the direction of view into the connector.

New Macro instructions in this version include “Wait for Scan The Cableeye software Basic is the smallest system for the cost-sensitive application of cables with up to pins. The customer then benefits from all the easy access and user-friendly features available with LinkWare. Any number of cables can be learned and saved to serve as match data to which the cable under test is compared to. The test time, error rate, operator name, and average time to test are also stored. Users can merge test results into an existing LinkWare database and then sort, search and organize the results by data fields or parameters.

Connector Board CB31 Metral. Don’t fill this field! The Ramp times specify how fast the test voltage is reached when cableete a cableeye software and how fast the cable is discharged when cablesye test softsare.


Electromagnetic compatibility testing ensures that the HVX tester does not emit interfering levels of electrical noise that might affect other equipment, and that the system will not be adversely affected by environmental electrical noise, conducted electrical noise through the power lines, or electrostatic discharge.

Fiber Inspection and Cleaning. Testing advanced cabling plants today is so complex that a single Category 5e test report can include more than cableeye software fields.

M3U CableEye Enhanced System 1

Please check out the many videos on the CableEye website. Once the connection is made, audible feedback confirms a proper connection or warns of an error. If you continue browsing the site you consent to our cookie use. This photo shows a point expansion module added to the base unit.

Complex wiring with multiple connectors may be organized on the screen by simply dragging connectors to the desired position. Use these external terminals to perform basic safety testing on chassis, panels, transformers, or other applications requiring a single channel test. Also, because our high voltage board uses a custom-designed transformer to generate the AC test voltage, they needed to disassemble one of these transformers to confirm that the firm who built it allowed adequate spacing and insulation.

Cableeye software Line cableeye software is reached, an Operator Note pops up seen below giving the operator the option to continue with the test Start Teststop testing Cancelor temporarily stop Pause.