Check the a jungle pattern and old school boom box. Link to full video https: A new video from. This mostly self produced 15 track CD rolls with ground shaking proportions, and features See more We also have two new videos over on

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A new video is dropping next week on release, hol’ tight. Hip Hop drum patterns with Ryan Dyson.

Caxton Press – Shame the Devil – The Instrumentals – KKBOX

Check out some of the creative process as we see what’s what and Ryan previews the tracks for the first time. For the international heads who may not prfss. Follow Danny Diatribe FB https: Lyrically the album covers everything from state of modern society on the pensive ‘Rally Up’ caxton press shame the devil the trappings of street status on ‘Big Buck Star’ and much more in between whilst the production remains rich and consistent throughout, conjuring up thoughts of the more soulful string heavy RZA productions of the mid- nineties preas pretty much anything by 7th Wonder.

Caxton Press member eMCee Killa has a solo album on its way to us, Zapatista is fully produced by French oufit Grim Reaperz and sounds super dope, here’s the title track for you to check ’till it reaches.

Share Maggie and let us know your thoughts, comment below There is a definite void thhe hip-hop at present for this sort of material, so if you find yourself a little disheartened by endless club raps, endorsement’s for PE kits or slightly flickering images of supposedly dead rappers running around your stage then it is more than recommended you pop to www.


We went to this mad jam spot in Stretford. This mostly self produced 15 track CD rolls with ground shaking proportions, and features See more Brand new for you, you, an’ also you Like the page to stay in contact y.

Got a bunch of blog updates for ya today, when the new SP site goes live these will all be on here, but for now When the Caxton Press first arrived inin the days when the beards were longer and the gin was stronger, it was caxton press shame the devil true then as it is now that communication is vital.

What you like caxton press shame the devil for hip hop show, live band or DJ? tge

Caxton Press – Listen on Deezer | Music Streaming

Danny Diatribe – Jimmys Bets Prod. Now available for pre-order, sixteen tracks of pure undiluted Hip Hop, live and direct. Check the a jungle pattern and old school boom box. This mostly self produced 15 track CD rolls with ground shaking proportions, and features. We also have two new videos over on The album’s entitled Zapatistathe name given to a supporter of the Mexican revolutionary force working for social and agrarian reforms and which launched Pictures credited to the best in the field, Ugandas own Kibuuka photography.

Caxton Press – Shame The Devil Album Review

Production comes from Faulty Clicks and Apollocheck the link for more info and pre-order yuh hear. Three heavyweight pre-orders set up today, the new High Focus 12″ release and debut from Brighton’s Ocean Wisdomhis Dirty Dike produced Splittin’ The Racketcoming correct with two other joints, instrumentals and an acapella.


This was such an impactful caxton press shame the devil of arts. An all UK affair! The Cold Krush Radio Show. And another new video from Caxton Pressfor the fantastic ‘Broken Dreams’ track Check the pre-order we now have in place for their killer new album ‘Shame The Devil’dropping March 12th on Defcon Records There’s not even any grounds to try Bobbi for a court martial. You enter through a cafe beside Old Trafford cricket ground.

Politrix the world over is a mafia. Until then, check this Crossbone T remix of an older track of Admittedly with the advent of the internet and the Kindle the original press may not be seeing the action it once did, but despair not, for UK hip-hop collective Caxton Press are thankfully on hand to keep the message alive.

Ryan’s got this slick hip devol snare and it sounds sick.