The Corridor of Uncertainty. Kamran Ali Ahmed rated it really liked it Sep 23, A must read, I would say but keep I had read a review where it was mentioned that the book is more about Shoaib the Superstar than Shoaib the Cricketer. Pataudi – Nawab Of Cricket. I completely agree with it after reading the book.

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When another brother got himself into college, Tara decided to try a new kind of life.

Being a Pakistani myself, I can pretty much confirm that controverdially very few schools in Pakistan have counsellors, so I don’t know what Shoaib is trying to prove here especially when you consider his pretty low middle class upbringing?

Shall this be about the book, that how it precisely captured the subject ‘controversies’? Srinagar in the winter of was an eerie ghost town witnessing the beginnings of a war dance. There are also loads of antics, adventures and times with teammates, and it was nice to hear a bit about the personal side of international cricketers.

Overall eboook No ratings yet 0. I was just about bursting with respect for the cricketers of my country ebool those bribed at the end for the unnecessary obstacles put their way and of course, the fickle nature of fame and and being a crowd favorite. A Summary of the Tournaments Since May 24, Saqib Ali rated it it was ok. And times i couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Maybe they hadn’t read the book because shoaib praised Sachin plenty of times in the book.


There were sections in the book where Shoaib was trying to solve Pakistani issues like controversially yours ebook and joblessness. This book truly shares details and opinions. Akhtar controversially yours ebook a very complex personality which had faced a lot of discouragement since his childhood.

It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Mithran rated it really liked it Jul 14, Along the way,he slept on the floor and lived in the thick of the Karachi violence of the mid 90s. His passion, enthusiasm and might I controversially yours ebook the typical Leo personality that the whole world revolves around me.

Look, you may not admire Shoaib the person but you gotta admit, Rawalpindi express with his massive chest out and his locks flying, his super aerodynamic action and his ferocious pace.

He use to bowl the last over of a test match at the same speed that he bowled his first. Why couldn’t he just admit that he was way too cocky evook our dressing room. Cricket, A Very Peculiar History. I enjoyed it a lot.

Controversially Yours

Want to lose seven kilos in a month? They also reveal how even the topmost leaders in the government have a direct say in cricket affairs. How can he discredit his country of birth when all he achieved was in the same dis functional country, the same inept system and the same unimpressed cricket control controversially yours ebook Second last chapter “Where do we go from here” is sad, made be feel bad about the state of cricket in Pakistan.


The book provides an excellent glimpse of all the stuff that’s happened that cotroversially titled him trouble, the immaturity, the narcissism, controbersially single point of perspective, the self-obsession, the ‘harmless mischief maker’ image in his head, and the controversially yours ebook politics that is the PCB.

Controversially Yours: An Autobiography by Shoaib Akhtar

To ask other readers questions about Controversially Yoursplease sign up. Shoaib Akhtar has been one of the most colorful characters in the history of cricket. I find myself clueless to decide how to start this. His personality is reflected in the book. His passion, enthusiasm and might I controversially yours ebook the typical Leo personality controversially yours ebook the whole world revolves around me. He also gives his option on team mates and ypurs players such as Sachin, Gravid, Lara, Pointing etc.

One-third of all of India’s international runs have been scored by batsmen coontroversially came through She is a published author and journalist. Other than alleging the lack of match-winning capabilities of Sachin and Rahul, he also goes on to add for coontroversially measure that Indian batmen are known for playing for themselves over the cause of their team.