Retrieved from ” https: Similarity Check Service Agreement. Similarity Check is a service for editors who want an extra check. This agreement has been fully reviewed and approved by us and several of our members and should not require any additional negotiation. This page was last edited on 28 May , at In return for a reduced fee for access to iThenticate, Similarity Check members allow Turnitin to index their full catalogue of current and archival published content as this ensures the highest level of text-matching accuracy. You can find out more about how to register content here and more about the full-text urls for Similarity Check here.

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A form agreement can be found here: Additionally, volume discounts also apply.

Similarity Check

Failure to make content available for indexing could result in suspension of Similarity Check. As a Similarity Check member, you will need to sign a service agreement with Turnitin to use ithnticate system and to provide them with access to your full-text content.

Other organizations and individuals can use the iThenticate service directly by contacting iThenticate. This agreement has been fully reviewed and approved by us and several of our members and should not require any additional negotiation. Similarity Check is a service for editors crosscheck ithenticate software want an extra check.

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The company made headlines on July 2,when the New York Post reported that iThenticate software had found several passages of plagiarism in Ann Coulter ‘s book, Godless. This security software article is a stub. Following a high-profile case in the Hartford Courantthe newspaper subscribed to iThenticate.


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While iThenticate is best known as a plagiarism detection service, collaborative efforts with the user base have created a number of new use cases. Archived from the original on July 16, Participating members must make their content as further defined below available for inclusion in the Similarity Check database.

The most prominent aside from plagiarism detection include intellectual property protection and document-versus-document s analysis. Must deposit with Crossref, along with DOIs for the crosscheck ithenticate software content, full, correct and current metadata, including article title, and all authors. Retrieved from ” https: Crosscheck ithenticate software expect that members will find it valuable to highlight their participation in Similarity Check to demonstrate that they are adding value to the editorial process and cooperating to help ensure that content published as original is properly identified.

Per-document checking fees are paid directly to Turnitin and are significantly less than those charged by Turnitin to stand-alone iThenticate users. Their use does not give any indication or assurances about the content of the particular works with which they are associated, including about whether the particular work contains or does not contain plagiarized materials.


Similarity Check is designed to aid Crossref members in identifying circumstances in which works being considered for publication may itheenticate been previously published in whole or in part by i facilitating the creation of the Similarity Check Database, ithenticafe identifying appropriate providers of software tools that can compare the text of works being considered for publication to the text of other works, including those in the Similarity Check Database, and iii establishing general recommended terms of participation for Participating Publishers and the identified software provider.

April Learn how and when to crosscheck ithenticate software this template message. Full technical instructions are available on our help site. You can find out how to add these full-text urls for Similarity Check to your existing content here.


Similarity Check Service Agreement. What is cdosscheck difference between Similarity Check and iThenticate? Watch the video below to find out more:. Similarity Check is a service specifically for our members. These phrases and the associated logos will be factual indications that the member participates in Similarity Check and that a particular work is included in the database crosscbeck by Similarity Check.

Turnitin do also operate a general web crawler, called Walker, but this crawler targets general crosscheck ithenticate software content and is not suitable for comprehensively indexing full-text, published academic content.

You can find out more about how to register content here and more about the full-text urls for Similarity Check here. Please follow the steps below:. The service was launched inas Result of market demand.

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This means that as the number of participants grows, so too does the size of the database powering the service. All Crossref members who currently meet the member obligations shall be eligible to participate in Similarity Check.

Must make the full text of the content available, as part of the Similarity Check database, to other participants in the context of the interface provided by the vendor as crosscheck ithenticate software of the content checking process.