Just suggestions of course. Sorry for the offtopic, but is that your PSP on the pictures? I didn’t try any others. Jan 8, Finland. GreenMemories Jan 3, at 7: I would just use tempar but the button combos interfere with my screenshot plugin they can be changed but not as convenient as holding select for 3 seconds and I prefer CWcheat.

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Sep 24, In a cloud. I fog the life of me can not find a cheat engine that wants to work right. I didn’t try any others.

Q – Where can I get plugins? Q – When will plugins be activated?

The best PSP plugins collection!

Similar threads with keywords: Multi MS Category prefix: Do you already have an account? A picture of the CWCheat main menu. Log in or Sign up. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have a hacked psp on CFW Gen.

PSP Cheat Plugin Setup | – The Independent Video Game Community

Separate names with a comma. TempAR contains many additional functionalities as well as key improvements to the existing functionalities.

Page 1 of 2. Clean it up, add pictures if you can, and use formatting to keep it nice looking kinda the same as the first point, but more specific. You edit whichever file for the section you want the plugins to work under, like this. No matter which one I turn on, it seems ot limit to a flat AP, cwcheat for psp 6.60 the values listed in the individual codes are higher.


TempAr is another Cheat engine just like CWCheat in fact it can use the same cheat codes of it, i like much cdcheat TempAr than CWCheat, i recommend using this one but better test both and see what works best for you.

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PSP Cheat Plugin Setup

One byte is max, two isetc is two FF’s added, minus one, so it could just be some multiplier in-game working on the maxed single-byte value.

Jul 14, The Magic School Bus.

There cwcneat other options in there, this is how i use it: It would work if I edited the db with the new ID, but I’m not up for editing the database cwxheat each game I own when it’s supposed to work as is CrunchBite Jan 4, at 1: This plugin allow you to organize the games by: Try to keep the wording straight forward too. I followed exactly what the instructions were.


CW Cheat question | – The Independent Video Game Community

Press X, and you should see “cwcheat. Wait for it to load entirely, and hold the select button for about 5 seconds. Hold the power button for 10 seconds. Some plugins will demand to be placed in a specific structure or folder, so pay attention to any instructions included.

Cwcheat for psp 6.60 name or email address: It sounds like what I need right there, though some of the games I’m particularly interested in using cheats for are on those PSOne classics games. I would suggest screen shots for editing the database so that people know cwchet sure text isn’t always enough.