CyberBuddy is an MS Agent program that can be used to load and operate DesktopMates characters and provide functions and tasks, such as: You can use E-mail Talker even as a Talking Clock! This Microsoft utility contains various components that are part of your windows operating system which are utilized by other programs to provide speech and animation. THIRD , you need a character such as “DesktopMates” that are programmed and designed to operate with these applications. Make changes to the list as desired. Some characters being offered at other sites do not always follow these standard definitions and therefore may have limited functionality or not run properly in some programs. This is what she wrote me about the chat room.

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All software and components in the package are totally free with no trials or timed out desktopmztes. These components provide a foundation that enable developers to incorporate interactive animated characters into their applications allowing for more natural ways for users to communicate with desktopmates computers. You can also upgrade your free version of CyberBuddy to the edsktopmates recognition version which will allow you to give spoken commands to your character such launching programs, opening web pages from desktopmates favorite bookmarks, change characters, dial a phone number of a friend and much more.

– Download MS Agent Core Components

Head Characters Characters in this category are close up desktopmates facial models only. How does it work and what does it do? This page only provides desktopmates to assist you in installing the required components and get you successfully up and running. I’m hoping to find scripters who are interested in writings scripts to have available for copy or download on the Desktopmates for free.


DesktopMates character desktopmates are for personal use only and can not be used in commercially distributed projects or on web sites. Each character gallery contains screenshots of the actual size that the character model will appear on your desktop along with prices, download sizes and animation lists for each character.

Also desktopmates to our Hal Tips Page Please refer to our new user start up page for info regarding the MS Agent replacement software for Windows 7 and above. A character’s animations and speech are generated by the “Microsoft Agent Core Components” in conjunction with third party MS Agent applications such as “CyberBuddy” and the “Answerpad” or “Ultra Hal” Artificial Intelligence Programs which desktopmates the character’s animation software along with the Microsoft Agent core components to make a character function and speak etc.

Microsoft has discontinued support desktopmates their MS Agent technology and the components are not part of Windows 7 and beyond. To browse visit here. When purchasing DesktopMates characters you can be confident you’re getting a product that has been created by the leading MS Desktopmates Character developer, nobody has more experience in this desktopmates than we do. In the dialog, click the ” Emulation ” tab desktopmates then click ” Use Double Agent “. With E-mail Talker you can listen to your emails, web pages, documents, help files or anything else you copy to the clipboard.

Includes everything you need to desktopmates up and running. To avoid this you should install and use Double Agent instead. This works with CyberBuddy but some programs may rely on the name that was programmed into the character’s software rather than just it’s file name.


Read clipboard and text documents. Thanks for calling me! Want better sounding female english voices for your DesktopMates? Some characters in this category contain nudity.

The “DesktopMates” character floats independently on your desktop waiting for commands from you that are provided by the program being used to operate the character. This is what she wrote me desktopmates the chat room.

THIRDyou need a character such as “DesktopMates” that are programmed and designed to operate with these applications. You can use E-mail Talker even as a Talking Clock! Desktopmates your hands to yourself! This is one of the better sounding female MS Agent compliant voices available. Make sure to completely read and follow all the desktopmates and steps provided on this page as well as in the packages that you download. Speak current date, time. This site is a member of WebRing.

eReminder Special with DesktopMates 4.1 Download

DesktopMates characters are digital software components consisting of complied sets of various animations, but DO NOT operate by themselves as a standalone program.

Click the box to download! Just go to your character folder C: There desktopmates a number of desktopmates tags that can be placed in the message to alter the speech and attempt to make the message more expressive. I am hoping for a chat script that will allow desotopmates to have desktopmates own Microsoft Agent Enabled chatroom for there sites or applications.