Makefiles are now highlighted as if they are source files. All windows are now opened at the centre of the main window instead of at random places across random monitors. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Updated provided commit command. Posted by Orwell at 6:

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Increased performance of the GDB interface.

The console pauser can now pass 32K characters to the running program instead of just 1K. The 64bit compiler can create 64bit and 32bit executables and DLLs. Lastly, this is the first version that does not include MinGW by default. Added a “View Makefile” button to the Dev c++ 5.8.3 menu. Partially rewritten the file change monitor code.

Fixed a formatting error when printing structs inside struct in the Debug watch variable tree.

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The class browser can now show the contents of system includes. It is now immune to overflows due to arguments of length more than The executable version number is equal to the official version number again. Fixed a crash in dev c++ 5.8.3 file change monitor code.


Fixed a bug in TCppParser that caused it to ignore project include paths.

When a currently open file is renamed or deleted, one can now choose to close the editor of the file in question. Fixed a argument highlighting problem in the function tooltip. When using “Save As”, the class browser will now update when the “Current File” dev c++ 5.8.3 is used. All windows are now opened at the centre of the main window instead of at random places across random monitors.

Code completion input from included files is now preserved when editing files.

Project unit information in. Updated blog URL in English. The latest tested compilers can be downloaded here.

A newer version is available! Fixed a bug that cut off toolbars around pixels on pixel wide resolutions. Eev code completion window does not show anymore when the cursor changes during the timer rundown after typing. The portable version which includes MinGW32 dev c++ 5.8.3. Greatly improved code completion performance. Added a compiler set selector to the toolbar. Fixed an “External Exception” when handling compiler sets.


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Improved multiple file opening performance. Fixed a bug that caused breakpoints to be placed on incorrect lines when using code folding above them. Cleaned up the context menus for folders and files in the project browser. Time for some fixes for the 5. Reduced overdraw dev c++ 5.8.3 the class browser when +c+ between or saving files. When only changing case during a Rename, x++ input file will not be deleted anymore.

Fixed some bugs in the preprocessor: Instructions can be found here.