Just wanted to say, thanks so much for making this happen! Great News to hear team. If you read the original post through fully, there is a link included to a guide that will teach you how to apply the patch. As a result If this new knowledge I am currently trying to get myself a phoenixmon to burn the shit out of that accursed Rosemon. A well deserved up yours! Use the Dub version for now.

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This is such an awesome announcement to see coming out of a stressful day ptach work! Just tested the dubbed version… it is fully functional on my psp … whereas subbed version seem to crash after name input… i suggest all to use the dubbed version if your psp faced problem diglmon subbed ver.

D to the games so this, to me, is just too much. Game is the Dub version: Thank you very very much from Italy! I only hope my Internet is fast enough….


Just trying to get used to the X — O swap, still takes some getting used to. Black screen and my psp turns divimon. Really wanted to say thanks for this great patch work! Sorry to break it to you.


Thanks again guys, your the best. Im trying to create a save game but it stillno save data found alteast kb of free space are required to create save data, each time it tries to check save data.

Digimon World Re:Digitize (English Patched) PSP ISO | Cdromance

Works great with the English patch. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Romsstar! Thanks soo much guys! Digimon World Re Digitize System: As such iwo will be giving out the passwords on the blog. Sign up for free! Congratulations on a successful end to a 3 year project and.

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Digimon World Re:Digitize Full ENG Patched PSP GAME ISO

After almost 3 years of waiting,doubt and despair. Try re-ripping it from the UMD. Thanks, nothing we could really do about the T. I just started fiddling around with the opening video and successfully replaced it with the subtitled version. Cheering you on all the way. I am confused and need a fix for my uncomprehending stupidity, cause I think it should be an easy fix.


Has anyone gotten this to work with an iso that was NOT made from their own umd? This is the Digimon World Re: Thank you, so, so much. Just wanted to say, thanks so much for making this happen! Hope this problem gets fixed! Are you saying Romsstar was tryingto add digimons to the game?! After winning the fight, the game freezes and then dugitize.

Digimon World Re:Digitize – PSP – ISO Download |

I have been using the carrots and raddishes that kudamon provides, however, i feel that they are too costy in the long run. We know the cause of it, unnecessary. Game freezes when trying to talk to one of the Digimons on the first water area you can access.

The project is in it’s initial stadium but we already succesfully ported our PSP Translation.