Send multiple plot files to different ports, designate number of copies, etc. Assign by layer using a dialog. The right tools for Office documents We have several tools that interact with Microsoft Office and OpenDesign Compatibles in different ways and potential users can get confused on which they need. Controls layouts including ordering, editing, renaming, creation, and plotting tools. Easily inserted into Microsoft Office products. Generates block inserts with attributes directly from Excel spreadsheets or Access databases. Executes multiple processes on multiple selected drawings.

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Draw multiple offsets, offset objects to current, picked, or dialog selected layer, offset selected object in both directions, or offsets Ellipses with a mathematical ellipse. Specify multiple parameters to be considered found, and multiple values to replace. To 3dpoly, Circles, or Polylines.

Productivity Tools for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and IntelliCAD – ToolPac Software

Also provides a complete editor to create new notes or edit existing notes stored in standard RTF files. Finds and allows selective purge of BAK files toolpca nested folders. To Polylines or 3dFaces. Adds a red flag background mask to dimensions with dotsoft toolpac overrides. Edits attributes of blocks in spreadsheet. Restores selected attributes to default value. If the picked end is curved, the proper tangent is used as if you were still in the polyline command with the arc mode on.


Draw polylines by distances and numerous angle options. Joins dotsoft toolpac secondary tables to the bottom of a primary. Our years of experience working with CAD allows us to understand its limitations and design solutions to significantly improve your productivity. Manages sets of plot files and spools files to designated ports.

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Rounds the corners of a selection dotsoft toolpac of 3dPolylines with radius and number of divisions options. Quickly regenerates only objects visible on screen, those selected, or a chosen layer. Sets specified drawing properties information in multiple selected drawings. Aggressively purges multiple drawings, more rigorous than built-in purge.

Captures the CAD viewport in tiles and inserts the captures as image objects.

Eliminate the frustration of setting a layer current before beginning a command. Changes hardcoded image, xref, style, and shape paths in multiple drawings. Faster processors, graphics cards, etc. Dialog based Alias Editor. Draw a buffer hatch by picking interior point.

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We also added the ability to ‘Color By Layer’ all objects fills, lines, and text so that the colors can be controlled by changing the color assigned to the layers.

Convert arcs to multi-chord approximations in a selections set using dotsoft toolpac along or middle ordinate options. Processes the layer states of multiple dotsoft toolpac, executing user supplied commands to import, export, rename, etc. Export XYZ point information from objects. Dotsoft toolpac thirty years we are proud to say we have increased the productivity of thousands of CAD operators. Report slope area, control edge display, draw normals, set direction and subdivide selected 3dFaces into smaller units for smoothing.

When the drawing opens or on demand the annotations update to reflect the current file s. Generates a detailed html table report showing the differences between current loaded styles. Allows selective unerase of objects at any point in editing session. Generates a ready to print html document of selected images with thumbnail and related details.