There are a lot of changes in dproto. Dproto has one primary goal – to allow old clients to join new servers, all another features are secondary and they were added by users requests. AuthID for No-steam p47 clients: It is not necessary in order for non-steamers to enter the server, as long as your swds. Dj Sky [Mentally Stable] Status:

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Bans for legit SteamID do not work. If you want this – use server-side emulators revEmu for exmaple.

Dproto Version

Login Mi-am uitat parola. Forward this question to Valve Q: I dont guarantee correct work of third-party stuff. But it remains the better Metamod plugin to welcome cracked clients, because it also includes a bunch of functionnalities against security problems fake bots, etc. Also note, that dproto is not an emulator, so dont wait unique verion generation methods.

Forward this question to mod X developers and check if you haven’t missed something. I dont know universal method to check connection to steam servers if someone know latfst — pls tell me. My server could not be displayed in monitoring system.


Bans for legit SteamID do dproto latest version work. Versiuni mai vechi gasiti la https: Click pentru mai multe limbi. Set ServerInfoAnswerType to 1 or 2 in dproto. I believe it also fixes some vulnerabilities.

Counter-Strike 1.6 dproto [Updated & 100% work with server]

AuthID for No-steam p48 clients: Besides, this dproto latest version file is required in the game directory, however, the module will fail to load. I can’t really find an “official” link of versioon if someone knows about? Users with banned IDs are able to play on server. This post was last modified: How dproto latest version make my server visible both in old no steam clients and steam? The point is allowing players with old protocol 47 clients to join a protocol 48 server. You’ll see something like this: Dai Start, apoi Run, scri cmd, dai enter, dai D: AmxModX admins could not authorize using their password.

Quality [Mentally Stable] Status: If you have VAC secured server, use stat command. Old configs won’t work with this version.


Counter Strike And Other Games: DOWNLOAD dproto

July 28, at dproto latest version That’s all that’s needed these days to run a non steam server? Latest version of Dproto by Crock that allowes users Protocol 47 and 48 to connect Steam and nonsteam servers. Set ServerInfoAnswerType to 0 or 2 in dproto. Set ServerInfoAnswerType to 0 or 2 in dproto. AuthID for No-steam p47 clients: How to make my server visible both in old no steam clients and steam? But when you rename it to any other plugin it does accept.