The establishment of a progressive school purely for women, by a female Islamic scholar was seen by some as a direct response to large seminaries, which women had come to view as being regressive and highly politicised. Archived from the original on 29 March Al-Qasas Translation Al-Qasas She is not on any social networking sites. Hashmi has been criticised by some ultra-conservative, right wing preachers and puritan men for breaking gender roles in Islam, especially on her views about women teaching and preaching outside the home. Al-Fatihah – Al-Baqarah

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Farhat Hashmi was born in SargodhaPunjabon December 22, Ta’meer Programme Al’ilm Nonprofit Organization. Farhat Hashmi’s husband Janab Idris Zubair is also a good teacher. Al-Fatihah – Al-Baqarah The number of students learning Arabic language are dr farhat hashmi tafseer 2012, even in Mumbai university.

Al-Nisa’ Review Aal-e-‘Imran His talks on Hadith are mashallah. Translation and Word Analysis Al-Fatihah She does not have a faceBook id. Easy and intuitive to use. Farhat Hashmi By Dr. Al-Anbiya’ Translation Al-Anbiya’ What sets the app apart from other podcasting applications is its emphasis on discovery.


Aal-e-‘Imran Translation Aal-e-‘Imran She has gained popularity as a feminist scholar both in Pakistan and abroad, as evidenced by crowds of up to ten thousand that attend her religious lessons, called “Dars”.

They have also criticised her for using the internet and audio visual aids in preaching, methods that they deem as western.

Fahm-Al-Quran by Dr. Farhat Hashmi on Apple Podcasts

While teaching at the International Islamic UniversityHashmi had started informal religious classes for women. Ummar bin Khattab r.

Luqman Translation Luqman More recently her lectures have been broadcast as standalone episodes. EDIT Thank you for helping to keep the faraht database up to date.

An-Naml – Al-‘Ankabut Hashmi, however, argues that if all of her students undergo a transformation for the better, their personal transformation will be hshmi on a national and a global scale. Tafsseer tafseer seems to be matching her mother Dr Farhat Hashmi’s style but if you analyse minutely it is not. So easy to find shows to follow. Ibrahim Translation Ibrahim Description Dr farhat hashmi tafseer 2012 by Dr. The foundation now runs a network of schools, seminaries and social welfare projects.


Idrees Zubair Guest Speakers Reflections. Player FM might just be it. She espouses the use of veil by Muslim women and teaches her students to veil themselves, although none are forced to do so.

Retrieved 8 December Translation Bani Isra’il fadhat Azaan Institute – Islamabad Education. Videos on Vimeo Dr.