Dragon provides an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical user interface both on Windows and Linux platforms and a command line interface, useful for the batch processing of large datasets. Both fingerprint types are calculated defining a set of options like the fingerprint size, the minimum and maximum length of the identified fragments and an extensive list of atom properties to be considered in order to differentiate fragments e. Highly efficient engines in the area of quantum, classical, mesoscale, correlative and thermodynamic modeling allow predictions of relevant properties in various application areas including chemistry, petrochemistry, home and personal care, defense, transportation, pharmaceuticals and electronics. An automatic email will be sent to you. It is possible to purchase Dragon at the same conditions reported in these pages from any of the following distributors:.

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Dragon qsar software user can calculate not only the simplest atom type, functional group and fragment counts, but also several topological and geometrical descriptors. Academic licenses are permanent, and the user has no access to any major software update, and access to softwsre updates only for the first year. Fill the following fields to register. Chemical Computing Group software dragon qsar software page descriptor list. It utilizes a machine-learning method known as a Support Vector Machine SVM which has been shown sooftware have efficient pattern recognition ability.


The prediction of data for chemicals of the four selected classes, belonging to the applicability domain of the developed models, will be used for hazard and risk assessment, qssr experimental data are lacking. It is now developed by more than 40 developers all over the world and used in more than 10 different academic as well as industrial projects world wide.

Please register on our website and log in, a form for quotation request is available in your private area. Thus, please, follow instructions in this FAQ to correcly setup access to the software.

Kode srl – Registered office: In compliance with Italian art. The eragon objective of this ITN is to contribute to the education of environmental chemo-informaticians who will receive an advanced training in both environmental sciences and computational in silico methods.

Kode – Chemoinformatics

You can submit experimental data or use the other users’ data to build predictive QSAR models for physical-chemical or biological dragon qsar software.

MAPS’ plug-in based architecture enables users to integrate any proprietary or third party code when needed. Fingerprints and molecular fragments: Basically, the MOLE db – Molecular Descriptors Data Base allows the user to search for a specific group of molecules and analyse the corresponding values of molecular descriptors. Check the underlying section for more details.


The platform consists of two major subsystems: Microsoft Windows 7, 8. Codessa Pro software home page descriptor list.

Dragon 7 available now

Updates and inclusions of new molecular descriptors are regularly made in order to advance research in QSAR.

Most of the models are based on Dragon descriptors.

CzeekS is a computational molecule screening software. Using existing assay data sets, CzeekS generates prediction models for compound-protein interactions. Virtual computational chemistry laboratory – design and descriptionJ. This website uses technical cookies dragon qsar software enhance browsing experience. Welcome to the E-Dragon home page! This site uses cookies. Chembench can help researchers rationally dragon qsar software or select new compounds or compound libraries with significantly enhanced hit rates in screening experiments.

Roberto Todeschini, author with dr. Some molecular descriptors are provided. Today, 10,article. An introductory tutorial is available, with a brief walk-through of Dragon’s main features.

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