Quickly see if you are clipping in the highlights or bottoming in the blacks Digital Densitometer: We call this the video assist. They can also be useful as a video assist for still cameras that do not have live view. Dragonframe 3 Software Previous release. Fixed onionskin slider to left of center.

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Import any images and view them at full resolution Dragonframe 3.0 View: View the video as you scrub through the audio and perform track readings. Olympus cameras are the best MFT option for Dragonframe. Compare image contrast with the Digital Densitometer Multiple Exposures Set up multiple exposures sub-frames with different camera ddagonframe.

Dragonframe Dragonframe 3 Stop Motion Software with Keypad DF3

See the Camera FAQs for more information about unsupported cameras. Or you may choose to step up your game by stepping directly between live view and the captured frames. You can adjust them relative to each other or have them all set to the same value Bash Light Programming Program a work light be on for the animator and turn off before capturing the high-res image. Quickly see if you are clipping in the highlights or bottoming in the blacks Digital Densitometer: High-res playback Play back either your video assist frames or proxies of your full-resolution captures.

Difference mode Useful for re-lining up a shot if camera or set is bumped. Manage the project from a dynamic exposure sheet that updates automatically as you add exposures, audio phonemes, camera moves, and change scene length Pop-Up Notes: All your adjustments and edits are stored and applied dragonframe 3.0 the fly, so that you’ll always be able to move directly into post-production with well-organized files.


Fixed aspect ratio mask resetting to custom setting. Depth of field slider Adjust shutter speed and aperture together to affect depth of field without adjusting exposure. Movie Dragonframe 3.0 Trigger movie recording on some supported cameras. Import image sequence directly from scene source location Final Cut Pro: Plan your scene and track your dragonframe 3.0 in the X-Sheet side panel.

They also do not have live view exposure simulation. The license manager provides an alternative activation method for schools and large institutions with many Dragonframe licenses. You’ll have the move perfected in record time Markers Dragomframe can dragonframe 3.0 the amount of keyframes dragonframe 3.0 placing visual markers at the positions you would like to hit, then adjusting the existing keyframe handles to drwgonframe those points Hardware Integration Currently the Arc motion control system works with our IOTA Controller or Arduino boards running our DFMoco sketch.

Supported Cameras

Fixed numeric entry in different locales use US style. One key-press toggles between live and captured frames; then back again when released Nav-Line: Split tracks and drag segments to adjust timing on the fly.


Follow the setup instructions for it, thoroughly. You should take advantage of all the benefits this application offers. Start by watching our video tutorials here. Use the audio from a reference movie within the audio workspace.

For what are you going to use the program? Understanding How Dragonframe Uses Your Camera When shooting animation, Dragonframe will create dragonframe 3.0 separate image sequences in tandem: Contact support if you still need help. Average dragonframe 3.0 to reduce video noise External Shutter Control Option: Create color swatches by sampling colors from your high-resolution images.

Provides sixteen channels of fully dragonframe 3.0 step and direction signals at speeds up to kHz, a camera trigger, DMX lighting control, limit switch inputs, and a set of triggers for interfacing with an external device. Reference Video Player Move reference videos into a separate window and keep them off to the side.


Added file to x-sheet export. Images captured during the trial will have a watermark that cannot be removed. Adjust shutter speed and aperture together to affect depth of field without adjusting exposure Exposure Preview Offset: