Use this tool http: Nice, thanks a lot, it works for E Madagascar. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The robots are coming. The data card in not connected to PC. Can you Provide me unlock Procedure for Once your dongle is connected, you may have to wait a few minutes before the software installation wizard starts.

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You can download it from their official website but I prefer and recommend dc-files. When it pops up, just click on Connect. How can I flash this customized software into the modem permanently.

TECH-SERIES AND ICT REVOLUTION: Mobile Partner update available for download.

Before the modem finally became useable again, I did three things to flash it: My modem is glo netpro huawei Es-1 Ghana. My E E1550 update wizard bolt modem is giving me serious headache. Notify me of new posts by email. But do you know of similar software for Ubuntu linux? The process of upgrading the firmware, those it require internet connection? I love this post of yours, am about to updqte it.

Locked customized firmware Wrong codes entered: Hi, I have this crazy E 3.


This will also benefit me when I head back home and also e1550 update wizard travelling to other countries now. Hi E firmware does not update. Hey Don, I have one serious issue here. Other program is using the data card. The led indicator turns blue and a matter of minute or second it turns green and the network indicator turns to zero bar. In My Upfate modem aircel,airtel 3g trick is not working. No, I unlocked a MTN huawei e with ease using the upgrading method and it went fine.

Installing our software onto your Mac Once your dongle is connected, you should see a 3Connect icon on your desktop. The link for Firmware Update is not accessible, please make a provision for it sir, am in need of it.

Bt I beg I was asked password when I run the firmware update. Will I be able to unlock the device.

How to Unlock Huawei E1550 Viettel Vietnam customized version: 11.608.14.17.439?

Follow the Mobile Broadband installation wizard – the software will then install automatically. Thanks for the share! Hi I tried unlocking my huawei e modem but I realized that the unlock pin function is inactive thereby making all my unlocking unsuccessful and I really need the modem what do I do? Wizafd we use internet free of cost after following these steps?? Now my modem will only blink the green light when connected to the system but nothing else. Wizqrd have huawei e modem. I decided to try flashing the e1550 update wizard and re-installed the firmware but still, the unlock counter still read Thereafter my modem is in half dead condition.


Though I unlocked it using DFS and followed all d procedures without any fail. It could be that the version of the modem unlocker you downloaded is too old to unlock the modem. How do I make this invisible? If I e1550 update wizard ask, did you just flash the firmware or you did install a different dashboard?

I tried to reset the unlock counter.

Cal You help me with this?