Join up with over players in large scale siege warfare. BOTS Free online game that delivers a huge dose of action and customization. Roblox Free sandbox MMO game and virtual world where players can make whatever they wish. Galactic Empires Free graphical strategy game where you can either play on a persistent server or try to win a 2 week game period. Little Fighter 2 Arcade-style fighting with very colorful characters that can be played online.

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Skill masteries available for advanced classes—and skills become better the more you use them.

Star Supremacy Free browser-based science fiction colony management game with solid graphics. Unreal Tournament 3 Major online shooter with a significant single player mode.

Players will also benefit from regular Experience and Soul Point boosts until the live servers are shut down so that everyone can enjoy one final romp. Blacklight Retribution Free sci-fi shooter that is currently in open beta testing. Superhero City Free-to-play Facebook game that showcases super hero battles between two players. MechQuest Free eligium private server game with a giant robot theme from the makers of Adventure Quest.

Bad Company 2 Major online shooter that boasts some of the best vehicular combat of any game. Stylish Yet Unrefined Posted on: Mabinogi Free fantasy MMORPG based on Celtic mythology that servet a plethora of unique features such as an aging system and a weight system where players can become fat by eating too eliglum.


Rise up as The Chosen One, unite the four races, and banish demons from this world once and for all. Audition Free online dance game with a plethora of different game modes and ways to customize your character’s look. eligium private server

Eligium Private Server

Mytheon Free 3D MMO based on classic eligium private server with real-time strategy elements and an interesting system that revolves around Power Stones. Players themselves have a skill-system that allows them to master skills that they use often. Club Penquin Popular Virtual World for kids that continues to thrive after many years. Realm Combat that has been compared to World of Warcraft. Team Fortress 2 Class-based team shooter with colorful graphics and over-the-top characters.

Lord of the Rings Online: Howdy Wild West themed tactical online strategy game from the same company as Puzzle Pirates. OGame Popular online real-time strategy game that can be played for free. Left 4 Dead Intense cooperative first person shooter by Valve where zombies are everywhere and teamwork is essential for survival. Diablo 3 The greatest online action RPG franchise of all-time is eligium private server with a bang in Players who had acquired shop currency or items in the game will be reimbursed through store credits to other Frogster games.

SplashFighters Free 3D online fighting game with a skin editor that allows players to fully customize their characters. Join up with over players in large scale siege warfare.


Ferion Browser-based multiplayer strategy game where you try to build your own planetary empire. Modern Warfare 2 Major multiplayer shooter that has broken sales records.

Eligium Private Server

An auto-pathing eliigium that allows players to autopilot from place-to-place for missions. Phoenix Dynasty Online Free 2. Galactic Empires Free graphical strategy game where you can either play on a persistent server or try to win a 2 week game period.

JamesBl0nde dives into Eligium and showcases the game and its features up to level Eligium Online announced the panda and elf races last weekend. Dragon’s Call Free browser-based fantasy MMO where players can loot other players and use in-game bots.

Most serve the classes seem to have both genders, but races are fixed to the class.

Eligium is shutting down

This is the second feature on Tales Runner. GunZ A game that lets you live out your action movie fantasies online. Each of the pets and mounts that players can raise from eggs to adults; they also come with a system of training and skills.