English 1 2 Persian Transliteration. English 1 2 Russian Spanish Transliteration. Bosnian English Serbian Transliteration. Please help by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Elissa was born in Deir el Ahmar [8] to a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother. You Don’t Know Yourself. Elissa released her cover version of ” Mawtini ” on April 29, , along with its music video.

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Elissa released her cover version of ” Mawtini ” on April 29,along with its music video. Belarusian Russian 1 2 Spanish Transliteration 1 2 3.

Dailymotion – الفيديوهات الأحدث

All three songs are in the Lebanese Arabic dialect. English Transliteration 1 2 Turkish. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Elissa urges fans to pray for Syria”. garaht

Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music. English 1 2 Transliteration Turkish. English Persian Spanish Transliteration. She is one of Lebanon’s most famous singers [3] and one of the best known artists in the Arab world. For other uses, see Elissa disambiguation. Elkssa walk and look around and ask myself every day What is he doing now? Deir el AhmarLebanon.


marrz English 1 2 Kurdish Sorani 1 2 Persian Transliteration. English 1 2 3 French Turkish. Arabic popromanceworld. English 1 2 Turkish. On July 16,Elissa dropped a promotional single from the album entitled “Krahni”.

English 1 2 French Persian Spanish Transliteration. Elissa was born in Deir el Ahmar [8] to a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother.

Dailymotion – الفيديوهات الأحدث

If only elissa garabt f marra would come to me during my sleep And with a touch of your hand awaken me Awaken the love that is in me That was asleep while you were away If only you would come You helped me make peace in this world You gave me my youth back I am a young playful child again Running barefoot on the ground Before you my heart was like a tree without birds I was like a colorless paradise Like a butterfly unable to fly You changed time You turned the cold into warmth If only you would come Had passion not come to my door And erased boredom with a smile i would have been satisfied with my struggle No worrying about love, or about the moon If garat you would come You elisa my heart to express itself You made me forget how to cry You wiped elizsa confuses tears From my tired, elissa garabt f marra eyelashes.


Don’t ignore it, face it InElissa took to social media to condemn the atrocities committed by ISIS against minorities, stating elisas Lebanese garaht I’m proudly Christian, shame on such people. Login or register to post comments. You Don’t Know Yourself. English French Hebrew Persian Turkish. English 1 2 French Transliteration Ukrainian.

Elissa music video hits 3 million views in first week”. English 1 2 Russian Spanish Transliteration. English Persian Spanish Transliteration Turkish.

Elissa lyrics

English 1 2 Transliteration. Elissa released her tenth studio album Saharna Ya Lail during the summer ofwhich included lead single “Saharna Ya Lail”.

English 1 2 German Persian Transliteration 1 2 Turkish. English Persian Russian Spanish Transliteration. English 1 2 Malay Romanian Transliteration Turkish.