The Editor Windows Logic’s linked editors provide the power to fine-tune music at any level. I’ll reply to Sami first. PM me if you’d like me to do that for you. Fiche technique Emagic Logic Audio 5 Fabricant: As of this writing, the price to pay for the inherent power gains of running Logic 5.

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OMF import and export at bit. There is variable depth from extreme to none.

You name it, and Emagic probably has it covered. The new automation engine, the new plugins, soft synths, recycle import and, tadamultiple undo. Notation can eagic edited with or without affecting the MIDI data.

When you buy Logic 5. Forums New posts Search forums. I have also misplaced my Logic Audio 5. Of course it will track resonance and filter cutoff. Logic 5 is here with new features that completely redefine the boundaries of what is possible with the program. You can automate every fader, every pan pot and emagic logic platinum 5.5, eq and effect, EXS or es1 parameter, and best of all, you can do this with the mouse in real time, or when the sequence is stopped where you can carefully analyze what you want to do.

Emagic drivers free download software for all devices

Tips for Synth Programmers. These optimizations increase the number of tracks, emsgic and audio instruments for simultaneous use. You can’t squeeze more faders emagid the computer screen by using the telescoping zoom to resize the audio tracks. It was a long wait for many of us, but when something emagic logic platinum 5.5 done right it is worth waiting for. Every modulation source — even the side chain level — can be linked to every modulation destination.


This allows you to alter any component of the loop. You mix between the main and sub oscillator sounds via a single virtual slider. But there is a trick. Usually, a reboot of the Logic Control or the application solved the problem.

Logic Pro 7 & earlier – Logic Audio for Windows 10??? | Logic Users Group

Gee, They aren’t kidding. The variable intensity Chorus adds a final high-quality shimmer. Automation data can be moved or copied with corresponding audio data, or independently.

For example, a region in a track plays until a new region begins, much like playing a second note on a monophonic synth while still holding the first note down; the second note takes priority and steals the voice. What I have used it for is opening Logic 4 files and saving them as Logic 5. On the Mac, Audiosuite and Premiere format plug-ins can also be used. emagic logic platinum 5.5

Emagic Logic Platinum 5.5.1 Update

Audio tracks can be individually zoomed, soloed or muted, and mixing and MIDI data is handled seamlessly by the new automation system.

I wish a few features I’m fond of in Digital Performer were available in Logic, such emagic logic platinum 5.5 the ability to drag the mixer’s Mute and Solo buttons without having to click on them individually; an additional layer of unlimited takes in each track, which would eliminate the need to create new tracks for each overdub; and the logci to automatically create a folder for the audio files nested in a project folder.


The result of automated mix, including all tracks, live inputs, instruments and effects, can be mixed down to a single stereo file or multiple Surround files. Can’t display multiple plug-in windows simultaneously. Oh, and we almost forgot: Supporting 32 Bit value resolutions, and offering sample-accurate precision, the mix automation is smooth and exact.

The current version of Logic is Logic Pro X There’s platibum under the hood with Logic 5.

History of Logic

But imo the setup of the new logic sucks big time. Will check if i can find a fix for that, if anyone knows the fix love to hear it obviously. Depending on the configuration, up to 64 audio tracks and 64 busses are available.