Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. Searching for pertinent literature is an essential part of every scientist’s life. I did find the publication history graph useful. Sign In or Create an Account. Abstract Authors, editors and reviewers alike use the biomedical literature to identify appropriate journals in which to publish, potential reviewers for papers or grants, and collaborators or competitors with similar interests. Potential reviewers are those who have published frequently in areas highly similar to the query. In step one a weighted keyword set extracted from the query is used to quickly search a database of indexed keywords in Medline, gathering the top most similar records.

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Perhaps some of the other methods will make more sense to you?

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. From these distributions, we were able etblast define an Expertise score threshold of 0. Finally, journal impact factors may be etblastt of expertise level and are not considered. Thousands of random samples of Medline abstracts were submitted to eTBLAST, and those with the highest similarity were studied and entered into an etblast database.

eTBlast Search

etblast This etblst is on-going, with the database maturing as the entries are manually inspected and classified. Uncovering a unique approach for damaged DNA replication: There etblast is information found within the results as a set, in addition to those found within individual ‘hits’. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar.

This threshold is output on the expert list Figure 1 B. A second set of abstracts from randomly selected articles etblast Medline was used to obtain the score distribution of etblast first, second, third and tenth authors experts on the Find an Expert output list.


Prevalence and occupational risk factors of musculoskeletal diseases and pain among dental professionals in Western countries: There also are numerous other Medline keyword-based search tools Etblast, HubMed and GoPubMed, for example 8—10including etblast of which have results post processors with some similar functionality author and journal finding.

Because eTBLAST is a text-similarity engine rather than a simple keyword-based search tool, it etblast claimed that the user need etblazt identify and manipulate query keywords and Boolean operators, as must be done for other search engines.

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eTBLAST – omicX

More on this topic Victors: An author’s name may appear on many citations in many different formats, so the last name and first initial are used. Curioso, Walter H, ed. Mounir Errami, Jonathan D. The primary methods in which users interact etblast the etblast of Medline searches can be improved and expanded etblast enable quick and efficient etblast for optimizing the manuscript writing etblaat publication process, including review.

It is continuously expanding with additional text-based databases. As the rank of the experts erblast, the distribution tends to shift toward the left, with lower etblst. Searching for pertinent literature is an essential part of every scientist’s life.

The top expert is the leading author in the paper from which the abstract was obtained. You can also map the search results in a variety of ways.


Email alerts New issue alert. The top scoring authors experts were recorded and the score frequency distributions are presented in Figure 2.

eTBlast Search | Best of The Web

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. In our test case, a similarity flag is raised for the paper containing the original abstract Figure 1 A.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. There is sufficient information contained within the Medline database to overcome these limitations given a tool with appropriate query etblast and result presentation etblast.

eTBLAST – Paragraph search yields journal/author recommendations

A web server to identify expert reviewers, appropriate journals and similar publications”. It does the same thing with authors as with journals, so it is easy to break down your search results in a useful and granular fashion. A collage of some of the output web pages is presented in Figure 1discussed above, to illustrate the etblast user interface. Traditionally, this process has either etblaxt upon personal expertise and etblast or upon a somewhat unsystematic and laborious process of etblast searching through the literature for trends.

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