It is a self standing application without requiring any other tool to operate. Developer s Imagine That Inc. Model can have its own memory resident database, so that even a novice can operate the model. Hence model presentation is extremely simplified and dignified. It is the most affordable in the market, in spite of being among the top tools. Home Simulation Software ExtendSim.

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ExtendSim Product LineUp

Sample applications include resource optimization for food logistics, [1] six sigma process improvement for a hospital emergency extendsim[2] communication systems, [3] and extendsim facility design [4]. ExtendSim Suite – Professional 3D environment: Developer s Imagine That Inc. Fit, distribution fitting edtendsim from Geer Mountain Inc”. ExtendSim AT features a rate-based functionality for modeling bulk systems, such as packaging lines, chemical processes, or network traffic.

The extendsim environment is independent of, but integrated with, the logical model. Hence model presentation is extremely simplified and dignified. What kind of challenge do you have for ExtendSim?

Would like support for agent-based modeling in a more intuitive manner like the discrete-event capabilities. Kindly fill this form or Contact us: Some of the most important features are highlighted here:. Available extendsim both Windows and Mac operating systems. Extendskm formerly known as Extend is a simulation program for modeling discrete eventcontinuousagent-basedand discrete rate processes.


Adds a next generation 3D animation capability to ExtendSim AT, providing a three-dimensional representation of the world of the extendsim.

All most any system, in extendsim field, can be simulated! Mac OS X Extendsim even a school student can learn its fundamentals quickly and use it.

ExtendSim simulation software helps guide decision making by simulating processes and graphically determining the best system configuration.

Simulation Methodology for Facility Design”. However one should try it, to convince themselves that it extendsim the right tool for their problem Download free demo. Although there are around 50 simulation tools available in the market today, ExtendSim leads the pack because of its unassailable functionalities. Just draw the extendsim chart of the system you have in mind.

Extendsim release ExtendSim 9. Totally graphic with the capability to customize via graphics or code. Most importantly, extendsim of the modeller is enhanced considerably and extendsim TCO of model comes down drastically. This page was last edited on 25 Januaryat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


New blocks can be created by combining existing blocks into a single hierarchical block or by programming a block in ExtendSim’s c-based language, ModL. Get an in-depth look at the simulation tools that are building the future. ExtendSim Features Simulation Features. It is the most affordable in the market, in spite of being among the top tools.

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Easy-to-use interface to extendsi, database and Excel for both input and output. Use it to specify rates of flow for any high volume or high speed system, then extendsim and route the flow using flow attributes, constraints and rules.

Extendsim by Imagine That. ExtendSim is not your ordinary simulation tool.