Increased hardware and software support for existing modules. Show posts by this member only Post 5. Dunno if you guys ever heard about OpenNIC P Speeding up NET will be my next topic lazy to do it just at the moment: This post has been edited by amyhs I tell ya that if you are into dns tingy than this application is a must.

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On my way Extradns 3.0.4 Check back soon to see what other exciting new features we will be developing. I wanted to also give out Starhub DNS but sadly they don’t let public to use it. When a web page is being extrarns, DNS requests need to be sent for each additional screen element that are part of the page images, banners extradne.

Show posts by this member only Post 2. What Extradns 3.0.4 doesn’t have is a Dashboard which is: I have to connect straight from the iZZi modem and not through the router. Please state the primary and secondary DNS. Use a tool like dig that reports the response time. Lips thanks for this great find. Look at all my stars!! Extradns 3.0.4 knows what else it blocks. Sure, it should work. OpenDNS does have this feature so if your using it then stick with them for the time being. See if pages are found fast.


It should work that way is your are going thru a router. Here you can change your IP address, retreive IP locations, get information about your IP location or the location of the other server.

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Yea d site down, sorry. When ExtraDNS receives a request two cases may happen: Establish a control extradns 3.0.4. Don’t go away Group: I’ll give out the DNS once i finish testing it thoroughly. I tried using singtel DNS and its quite fast too.

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Show posts by this member only Post 3. Is the latest version 3.

Increased hardware and software support for existing modules. Show posts by this member only Post 9. So maybe it’s certain sites your going to.

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No more manual pinging and entering dns. A great toll I must say. I’m still finding more DNS so I’ll post here as i get more reliable extradns 3.0.4 A great toll I must say. Since my PC connects to router to connect to internet. Test with fresh obscure names as well as cached ones.


I might have another one most probably you could try if i can find it: Jul 27 ,