Still haven’t found any working solution I am, by no means, a light-weight. I have uninstalled the programs and reinstalled them for both browsers multiple times. I just figured that there was some patch mozilla could add to fix this, but it may not be that easy. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site. Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox. I do not have the time to get a Ph.

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P,ayer have downloaded and installed firefox Most common problems with Firefox can be solved with these basic troubleshooting steps. How to determine for Windows 7 and Vista: With the millions hundreds of millions of Firefox users worldwide, there would be a much larger outcry if the problem was with Firefox.

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I did not realize that mozilla was a global browser. I am unable to play youtube videos on Firefox after the updates. Playe then close all programs including Firefox except for the Windows Explorer folder that I’m going to run the installer Maybe once we have all moved on they will figure out that they have a problem and deal with it. Found 23 results for adobe flash plugin for windows 7 64 bit in English Basic Troubleshooting. I therefore surmise flash player 11×64 firefox, adobe flash and windows 7 are an incompatible combination.


First off, it might not even be legal for Mozilla to fix Flash, it is a proprietary, closed source application which limits the availability to its’ source code.

Question owner I am working on a very new computer. I can certainly notify the websites. Any other browser will play YouTube except for Firefox. I’m curious where you came up with 10 million users having flash player 11×64 problem with Flash in Firefox? I have no more suggestions to offer and will not respond to future reponses or rants from you.

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On my XP system, I have Firefox versions 3. Not related to your question, but Installing or Updating Java in Firefox. Microsoft and Apple are the two browsers which stand out as supporting H. IE 9 and firefox 8 Once clicked on download button for flash player website in IE9 it flash player 11×64 this “the webpage Stack Overflow pllayer best with JavaScript enabled.

I will send a letter by overnight mail to corporate headquarters in California tomorrow, since they have no email address or phone number. It is the responsibility of the user to supply plzyer, correct information and to attempt the suggested solutions.

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Support for Flash on other mobile devices is disappearing a little here and a little there, due to various problems. One for IE only and one for other browsers. I’ve got a similar symptom on IE9 – still checking out other browsers.


We all installed the 32 bit flash as you flash player 11×64 It does not work!!! Your time would be better spent trying solutions offered. Any pointers to help vlash this down would be a great help! Solved 5 replies 11 people have this problem 11 new this week Flash plugin will not install even after installing the latest version Flash.

Post as a guest Name. I have the latest edition of the Flash player and it works fine with IE but Firefox keeps telling me I can play things because I dont have it.

Read this answer in context 0. Wild anecdotal guess-timates about how many users are affected raw numbers of flash player 11×64 or the per centage of installations which are affected isn’t going to impress Mozilla.