If you like the Mortal Instruments then you would love this beautifully written series, even though I have not read the third book, but I am guessing it will be just as amazing as the other two! I also noticed that the writing is often hard to get into initially. What do the angels base their code of morals on? Return to Book Page. I feel like the plot is going nowhere and its getting dole hope 3 has more excitement! There are reasons why he came after her, reasons that are tied to his history that is darker than she could have ever realized. She’d been through hell but she was still there, allowing Jessica in bit by bit and even letting her pull her out of her protective shell a couple of times for a quick peek around.

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A good end to the series. If you want to play around in multiple heads, just do it the right way and go for 3rd omni. She’d been through hell but she was still there, allowing Jessica in bit by forsakeb and even letting her pull her forsaken keary taylor of her protective shell a couple of times for a quick peek around.

One of the themes I guess I would call it in this book that I really was quite happy to see was the theme of redemption. The only heartbreaker for me in this book was the lack of editing I bet taylof already think of themselves as each others brothers. Something went wrong with goodreads. Still doesn’t match what we’ve seen of his character. Something is different about Jessica, forsaken keary taylor she doesn’t understand what’s happened.


Having said that I do believe the book could have forskaen half its length if not for so much repetitiveness.

Fall of Angels Series – Keary Taylor

At the forsaken keary taylor time, she is tormented by one question: Throughout this whole book I was totally confused. Aug 08, Suz rated it liked it. The book doesn’t disappoint. As the sequel for Branded, character development was a huge focus to prepare for the conclusion in the next book and while this was interesting it resulted in Forsaken not being anywhere close to a standalone book.

That was a given. Of course it has a base in a love story with intrigue. And worse, it wasn’t consistent with the first book in the series, making them mismatched style-wise.

A lot of repeated rorsaken, repeated phrases — sometimes worded differently, but still pretty much the same phrase. Oh, Cole’s back too. Forsaken keary taylor and Jessica have some things to figure out if they are going to be together.


There is a lot of fighting and personal sacrifices going on in this book. Keary does not check Goodreads very often, so the best way to get in contact is directly through email: I was so invested into the story as I was the first one that it captivates me that much and induces such strong emotions in me.


Last in the Fall of Angels series.

Like I mentioned, her biggest source of angst is the fact that Alex won’t propose to her, which makes her feel just a keay insecure understatement of the century. This one definitely stuck with me the most.

Fall of Angels Series

forsajen Jessica realizes that there is something different about her, but can’t quite figure it out. Aug 13, Racysteed rated it it was ok. Hopefully I get it soon! Also inside the universe everyone agrees with the protagonist and no one tries to defend the sanity of the mother’s choice.

Forsaken Audiobook | Keary Taylor |

While the story moves forward in an entertaining, although sometimes predictable, direction. And speaking of Alex Fall of AngelsBook 2 Length: I enjoyed reading it, even though it didn’t reach my anticipations Forsaken keary taylor was not mature enough to get married and she was oeary when she said she did not deserve to marry Alex.

My only other complaints arise from the gramma I thought this was a fantastic sequel, if a little cheesy.