Players assume the role of Rion and must guide him through four locations in his search for Lilia and the secret of his past. A childhood mystery that can prevent the destruction of mankind. This, subconsciously, feels wrong despite the fact that you know they are trying to kill you anyway. It tells the tragic story of a 16 year old boy named Rion Steiner in the year and his struggle against a world gone mad and a evil super computer named Dorothy. However, rather than these being zombies or deformed creatures that stumble towards you, the enemies are humans.

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However, they are his only defence against the hospital security who seem intent on killing him for unknown reasons. Pss as well as looking out for galerians psx items, you need to find vials of this drug, just to keep Rion stable.

He discovered that he galerians psx psychic powers to defend himself with, but that they drain his energy and mental state. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

PSX Review: Galerians

In Crave’s Galerians, you play a galerians psx boy named Rion, who finds himself in this kind of situation. Hello there, and welcome to Bit Dad, a retro gaming and parenting blog by me, a first time dad and long time gamer…. Take control of the future of Bit Dad by supporting on Patreon! This is also true for taking damage or being in stressful situations as well.


In a sequel game to Galerians. Any Condition Any Condition. Won’t you please join it.

Who said the Playstation is dead? When you play Survival Horror games, part of what makes them easier to play through is that you are killing monsters. With only a girl named Lilia, whose voice guides him, Rion must escape his captors and begin putting together the broken shards of his memories. Clock Tower 3 Galerians psx PlayStation 2, Archived from galwrians original on February 19, Rion has a number of different abilities galeriand can be used to defend himself, ranging from psychokinesis to manipulation of fire and more.

He hears a girl’s voice calling to him in his mind, begging him to come to her rescue, and he decides pax search for her. Been looking for it for years and couldn’t find it until now.

Because the number of vials of galerians psx drugs present in the game is finite, conservation is important. Skip to main content.

Aggregate score Aggregator Score GameRankings. Rion must find Lilia to keep the Galerians from supplanting the human race, but in galetians to do so, he will have to face Dorothy’s deranged creations directly.

Galerians (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000)

The Dark Galerians psxI usually hate galerians psx galfrians used to set up a story. Unfortunately, nothing can prepare him for the confrontation with his own history.

The Gaerians series started as a series of Japanese novels and in was finally made into a video game for PS An artbook named Galerians A Head was released the next year. But this ties in well with the standard over dubbing we hear in most anime flicks that have hit the North American market, so it can be brushed off without too many worries. It is this moral confusion that creates a huge sense of unrest and tension as you play through the game.


Although the game is stun ning in graphics it was obviously rushed in it’s development and left many things out spx the story of it. Trending Price New.

Galerians (J) (Disc 1) ISO < PSX ISOs | Emuparadise

Black Ops 4 Galerians psx Glerians 4, The cut-scene movies, which are littered throughout the game, are a pleasant reward for the long galerians psx of gameplay. Rion is a young boy who awakens in a laboratory, unable to remember anything except his name. Galerains April 5, The key difference to Resident Evil is that Galerians does not employ gun-based combat, but instead features the use of psychic powers, which make it difficult to fight more than one enemy at a time.