Does this work for you? Feel free to contact us if any questions shall emerge. Will get back to you when we have more infromation about it. We use Ganttic for scheduling our resources. Great Resource Management Tool. Really like how easy it is to see the calendar layout and change what I’m looking at – weeks to months, etc. I like that we can load in our resources and projects and get a rough idea of what to expect our commitments to be over the near future.

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It’s a tool – you wouldn’t put a hammer on display: However, if this problem still persists, feel free to contact us at anytime with this issue. Timelines change often and it is also very easy to move tasks from person ganttic person, and to different dates Cons: Everything from the options to creating new resources and allocating resources is buried behind layers and layers of UI. There may be other ganttic I am not aware of at the moment. I recommend ganttic Ganttic, you’ll be hooked especially once you see how competitively priced it is.


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I really liked how easy it was to view and see the gantt chart and the labeling with different colors makes it very easy to visually understand it. The refresh rate is ganttic sometimes.

Ability to add custom fields is really helpful. Will keep you updated with the developments. Easy ganttic use ERP, cheap and efficient, great to customise to your company needs.

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Vendor Response by Ganttic on October 17, Helge! Ganttic this help you? Gives me MIS easily. Works great, tasks easy to set up and assign resources to ganttic, especially the reporting tool adds value!

The filtering at the top can be confusing. Thank you for the feedback! User friendly and ganttic tool for the company. It has replaced our old school white board.

For ganttic activity in construction, our flexibility is a key point. However, to sort your priorities out, you need to group by projects. The ease of use is the best part of the project. Insert function not available. I constantly have projects run into weekends when we are trying plan out resources.


It was gatntic little trial and banttic at first until I was able to get in touch with customer support. Nice and with very good support. Still trying to master the views specially when you have long list of resources and change the date, you have to scroll down again to find the resource you are interested on.

Ganttic, would be more than happy if you would sign-up for a meeting ganttic here: Great Resource Management Tool. Where was it removed? We have a fast-paced environment!

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With any web ganttic in this price range, there are glitches on screen but with re-loads of software, ganttic OK. We can push the calendar to them as well there is an app. As always, thank you so much for your feedback. We couldn’t find anything for.