Garamond Premr Pro-Bd It. In the world of free software, however, only few Garamond-inspired fonts exist, and as far as I know, none with the scope of EB Garamond. Because that is easier. Besides that, I will be only using them for a short while for my project. These faces are what you call a font.

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Bold faces, oblique faces, extended faces, condensed faces and the combinations of those. Berthold Garamond BE Volume.

Garamond BE Pro Bold. Garamond BE Pro Medium. Garamond No 5 EF Bold. So when you ask for a ‘font’ ID you get a ‘typeface’ With the full identification. This license does not allow us to redistribute derivative versions of the font without wholesale name changes inside and out of the font.

All possible suggestions are more than welcome. What you are asking for is us to call a grizzly bear simply a bear. Monotype Garamond Dual Greek Regular. This may include source files, build scripts and documentation. Garamond BQ Bold Italic. Garamond FB Display Bold.


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Monotype Garamond Cyrillic Regular. Garamond 96 DT Italic. Original Garamond Cyrillic Regular. Garamond No 2 Italic. Garamond DT Bold Italic.

Advertise on Font Squirrel! If you are the designer of this font, and this was an unintended consequence of using the OFL license, contact us and give us permission to allow webfont conversions. The requirement for fonts to remain under this license does not apply to any document created using the Font Software.

Garamond BQ Regular Font – What Font Is

Because that is easier. EB Garamond 12 Italic Glyphs. Difficult to say exactly with a sample like yours. Berthold Garamond BQ Volume. Garamond RR Bold Italic.

Garamond No 4 Light. Comes free with Windows. Original Garamond CE Regular. Garamond No 2 Medium. This restriction only applies to the primary font name as presented garamond bq regular font the users. I was wondering if anyone knows of a free preferably open-source font very similar to Garamond? Until we figure out a reasonable method of delivering these to you and complying with the license, you will have to use the Webfont Generator yourself on these, renaming the fonts appropriately.


Garamond No 2 Medium. The Garamonds are probably the most copied typefaces in the world.