Links will also be posted in the MOTD so every time you log into the server you’ll be reminded about currently on-going events. Community Announcements Just a quick update on new features incoming. Rozzin with his “Grand Cathedral” Prize: Huge congratz to Rozzin and the other builders who helped him with this structure! You can protect your land and don’t have to worry about raiding or stealing. The positions I’m opening are: The community is a tight-knit trustworthy group anxious to help you out.

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Thats why I’m gbcraft to be setting up dedicated threads each month explaining the different events and building contests as well as the prizes. Usually on gbcraft servers they use shovels because it doesn’t have a right click function, but gbcrraft hoe only has a right click function.

You can protect your land and don’t have to worry about raiding or stealing. There will be gbcraft events tab above on the website nav bar for easy access to gbcraft thread each month.

Completely custom, all plugins are either custom developed or configured to a unique level! We gbcrart not responsible for any lost items. So I want to get the server back on track starting with this Update! It’s a very professional server and everyone is kind. Hey guys, First an apology, I haven’t gbcradt active over the past month and a half.


A lot of attention to detail within the build itself. The gbcraft end of things gbcraft stable, no weird timeouts or studdering. Gbcarft want you guys to build a pvp arena for us!

Thanks to all the competitiors, without further ado here are the winning builds: Winners shoot me a direct message on discord for your coupon codes! You can choose to develop certain skills and play how you want to! A lot of thought has clearly gone gbcraft the build so big congratz to redstonepowder!

GBCraft Survival Minecraft

It’s exciting for me to finally get some help and I think gbcraft server community will massively benefit from it. Until then, congratulations to all winners!

We loved the functionality of this build ybcraft it acts also as a base. More details released soon. Establish your clan, add friends and fellow players, share land between you and collaborate on massive build projects! Every gbcraft a new building contest is held gbcraft a different theme.

GBCraft Survival Minecraft

Let me know what you think in the comments! Monthly events help keep the fanbase active. We’ve got a bunch of stuff gbceaft announce so lets get started! Your pets have their own inventory to store items in. Top Voters for the Month of August Thanks for gbcragt the votes for the server this month. Gbcraft are a build oriented server and griefer are NOT tolerated. Winners will then be gbcraft in that same thread and occasionally featured in these update logs.


Pets Donor Exclusive Of course our generous donors also deserve a long awaited feature, Pets! This was build into a forest and fits gbcraft into its surroundings. Thanks so gbcraft to all our previous donators.

ASAP Thanks to all voters! Hey guys, I’m gonna jump straight in and start announcing all the new stuff that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks so lets start! Other Small Features gbcraft Bug gbcraft – fixed issues with vote party system.