Nigerian Trekkers Union Fellow countrymen, we at the National Trekkers Union have decided to bring some things to public knowledge, so you all can be aware of why we take our next line of action. Nigerian songwriter, ‘Password’ drops debut single ‘Amaghimo’. Mothers are pressuring their marriage eligible daughters to display more of wife material-ish or ism, whichever is right. Proposing a new business model for Nigerian record labels, by Seun Oremade. When successive governments have failed in educating its populace, the laughable suddenly seems feasible. A small wedding, with just the closest of family and friends was all I asked for. They have experienced both victories and defeats.

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Immediately after the last General Election, lots of our trekkers started trekking in different directions as a way of celebrating the victory of General Muhammad Buhari. I hardly forged any friendship that lasted after primary school, nor do I miss most of my classmates. Claims of plagiarism are not exactly new in Nigerian music, there is one every other week. Terms of service Privacy Policy.

VIDEO: Behind-the-scenes with General Pype at ‘Victorious Man’ shoot – Nigerian Entertainment Today

The number of people watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your action. Beauty was nonpartisan, always truthful, victoriouw, respected and built general pype victorious man common values. Interestingly, no trekkers were invited to the Inauguration of the President, neither were we given any appointive position in the administration.


Every civilization, tribe and nation knows that it will win some wars and lose some. Before entertainment programming became a round-the-clock phenomenon – you can get content on Read more I Abaga was a US returnee who had shelved the idea of pursuing a career in I hope Victorious Man gets you to do something special this week. Davido and Amn Pype are trying to fool us with the ‘Gbagbe Oshi’ controversy.

General Pype – Victorious Man – Music/Radio – Nigeria

Though I am still working to change that. When someone commented that something was beautiful, we trusted his judgement because it was untainted. How will Isabel react? Until I got the biggest generall on the shelf.

Nigerian songwriter, ‘Password’ drops debut single ‘Amaghimo’. As our Yoruba kindred will say, the child that is not well taught will eventually sell off everything in the house.

In the book of revelation, Jesus Christ wrote a letter to each of seven churches. It is filled with upbeat and self-motivating lyrics.


VIDEO: Behind-the-scenes with General Pype at ‘Victorious Man’ shoot

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It gives you a reason and more reasons to keep going at it and not quit. Posted on June 14at Listen to Saeon’s duet with General Pype ‘Bust my brain’.

From dropping the chorus on M. Verse Of The Day: You might be interested in these: Proposing a new business model for Nigerian record labels, by Seun Oremade. Despite how funny that sounds, a ridiculous amount of people are actually buying more into the idea daily.

Is this the breakthrough that Tony needs? Do not cut, copy or lift any content from this website without our consent. Please use sharing tools. My second primary made me change a lot. Song Of The Day: